YOUR OBJECTIVE: Improve your user’s experience with an intuitive tool that complies with the regulatory requirements of the public sector

How do you adapt to the new habits of your clients?

The relationship with your users starts at the first contact; more and more often, it takes place online with a search and/or through a visit to your website. The challenge now is to improve this first contact. Setting up an online appointment booking tool, such as Agendize, allows you to efficiently meet the needs of your users 24/7. Agendize is fully customizable according to what services you offer, how long they last, and what professionals you will make available.


How do you modernize your services?

Online booking automates appointment management, without the need of intervention on your part! When users visits your site or Facebook page, they can schedule an appointment whenever they like. If they are not already in your contact database, the client profile will be created automatically. According to your preferences, a reminder will be automatically sent to your client, your company’s manager, and your staff before an appointment. 


How do you facilitate your staff’s work?

With access to the management of online calendars, your team members can set their availability according to their schedules, services, and logistical preferences. Staff members can choose how often they want to be notified about new appointments. The online calendar gives them a daily, weekly or monthly view of their appointments in order to help them increase their productivity. With Agendize, they will see a reduction of almost 80% in missed appointments and no more duplicates.


How do you deploy Agendize?

At Agendize, we support you step by step through the integration and implementation of our tools. A dedicated project manager will work with you daily and answer all your questions.

The differentiating factor: No need to design a fully customized but very expensive customer management software. Agendize offers all its services in white label so that we completely disappear behind your brand, while adapting our tools to your specifications.



The features you want


Online appointment booking
Offer your users a way to schedule an appointments 24/7


Real-time analytics reports
Get personalized reports and tracking of your business’ performance


GDPR compliance
Make sure you use a tool that secures the data of your users in full compliance with the current legislation


Easy synchronization
Synchronize Agendize with your calendars and contact databases

They trust us