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We take the security of our products very seriously. From design through to product release, each feature is evaluated for its impact on the privacy and security of our users.

All of our developers receive security training and implement the best practices in this area. See OWASP TOP10. Before each feature is released into production, it goes through a QA process, which includes security as one of the essential requirements for validation.

Agendize users can manage their own security using features such as user access rights management and custom configuration of the privacy policy.

In addition, Agendize's password policy and automatic account blocking policy secure access to the platform.


Data protection is paramount at Agendize. All of our employees are trained in data security and confidentiality. We have put administrative, technical, and physical measures in place to prevent access and use of our customers' data.

In addition, all data flows are sent using the HTTPS protocol. Passwords are encrypted in our databases.

However, it is important to note that sending information over the internet always carries a risk. Although we do our best to protect the personal data of our customers, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security or confidentiality of the personal data sent through our service. We cannot provide any guarantees that our security measures cannot be overridden or the personal data we transmit cannot be used by an unauthorised third party. Therefore, we strongly encourage our customers to collect only the personal data for which they have a real need in the context of their business and the services offered to their users or customers.

You can help us prevent unauthorised access to your account by choosing a secure password and limiting access to your account (for example, by closing your session after you finish using Agendize). Please note that to this end, Agendize imposes a high security level on passwords, and closes sessions automatically after a period of inactivity. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password.


Agendize is hosted on servers in France and in USA, according to the platform chosen by the customer, and commits to a service availability rate of 99.9%. We are regularly updating our infrastructure to provide the latest security patches and enhancements. Penetration tests are performed to check the resilience of our systems when faced with potential attacks.

Our servers are hosted by providers implementing 24/7 protection including video surveillance, security personnel and real-time communication networks. Our software solution is hosted in a data centre that limits access to specific and competent staff.


Systems security is a major issue for Agendize. We have an automated vulnerability detection process for our web applications.

Our security against DDoS attacks, one of the major threats to the IT sector, is ensured by our hosting provider, who guarantees permanent surveillance of this problem.

Our technical features include:

  • Anti-DDOS, used by our hosting provider to limit the risk of this type of threat
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Penetration test tools, to validate security measures in place


Agendize takes data security very seriously. All of our employees are trained in data security and confidentiality. Procedures are in place to minimise the number of people accessing the data, and to trace these accesses.