Why you need to know more about your franchisees?


Why you need to know more about your franchisees?

When you deploy customer engagement tools across your franchise organization, you not only get simple conversion benefits with the opportunity to conduct deep analytics and discover what really manages to your customers – you also uncover the best practices of your individual franchisees, and begin to see the strategies and tactics for engaging customers that work best globally, allowing you to optimize the performance of every single franchisee.

What’s more, you can use tools like Post-Appointment Feedback and Dynamic Forms to collect and centralize the reviews customers have about your franchisees, making staff performance and customer preference among your locations, while also allowing your to compare service quality across locations!

Without understanding more about your franchisees, however, you fail to impress upon your customers that no matter where they go, they will be met by the same quality and efficient experience that they depend upon from franchise businesses. Furthermore, you lower the expectations and guidance you offer your franchisees that can guarantee their success.

Thus, with an integrated customer engagement suite, you can not only discover more about your franchisees, but also deliver analytics on this information in real time. What does this mean? When you see a bump in business that you can’t explain, get them on the phone!

They have the intelligence and insight, on the ground, that allows you to understand what is driving your business success, leading to greater and greater profitability for your franchise organization, and delivering more value for every stakeholder involved.

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