Why You Can’t Ignore Your Analytics

Why You Can’t Ignore Your Analytics

What’s all this analytics talk about?

Remember the feeling of studying for a final high school or university exam? Drinking coffee and pulling all-nighters, so you can cram every bit of information into your brain. Imagine how you’d feel when you find out the next day that you weren’t going to receive a grade. Ever! You wouldn’t even have the chance to fail the class. It didn’t matter if you did your homework or not. Nothing would matter because the score will never exist. Psssssh… What a waste of time. I could’ve gone to that party and had the best night of my life, but instead I was drinking coffee and memorizing millions of slides!

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, the scenario above will probably never happen since we rely so heavily on numbers and stats. Look at yourself and see how many numbers describe you.

Our work and lives are valued by many systems of measurements and comparisons: older, younger taller, shorter, richer, bigger, smaller, heavier, better, faster, slower…

For the most part, numbers and stats serve as solid evidence that assure us if we’re on the right track. Especially in the online world where nothing is purely black and white. And understanding website revenues, exposure, traffic and audience can be pretty tricky at times.

At Agendize, we invested quite some time to make sure that every experience with our tools is never tricky, nor futile like studying for a test that will never get graded. What’s a conversion app if you have no way of testing and tracking your success?

With Agendize Analytics you access one powerful platform to see live analytics on actions, keywords and visitor traffic.  Agendize Analytics will bring more value to your online campaigns by helping you plan and reach your conversion goals. We made our analytics platform so easy to use and understand. Watch the screencast here.

Discover more about your online visitors

Analyze customer behavior and demographics with 24/7 live access to data such as: phone numbers, call times, email addresses, transcripts, keyword traffic, IP/geolocation, browser/operating system information to name  few. You can also add Google Analytics integration to centralize your campaign reporting so it’s easy to track all actions and conversion goals.

We hope our analytics brings more meaning to your work and campaigns. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We hope to learn from you too. Tell us how we can improve!

Nancy E.

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