We’re Looking for a New Pad in Montreal

We’re Looking for a New Pad in Montreal

We’re growing up, getting older and looking for a new crib. Will you help us make the next move?

The Montreal Agendize team is not a picky bunch really.

Our humbleness is backed up by every bead of sweat during the blistering summers without A/C…

…As we squint to read our laptop screens in the dark on gloomy afternoons…

…Each time we rinse our Tupperwares in the shared bathroom, hoping not to get caught by the building’s housekeeping! Shhh, don’t tell them.

OK, It’s not that bad here. We’ve exaggerated a little.

We’ve decided that we’re ready to move! With 20 million actions and counting, we can also say, “we deserve it!” Yeah!

We don’t know much about Feng Shui, but this time around we have a few demands:

  • Open office concept. We’re a close group and want to stay that way.
  • Let there be light! We need a vibrant place to reflect our high level of energy.
  • Pet-friendly. We can’t leave Roxy behind…

  • More neighboring food choices. Matt has been eating Subway 3X a week!

We visited an office space for rent up the street yesterday. It was pretty nice.



They agreed to build us a mini kitchen and conference room to host our webinars. We especially love the private bathroom and café on the ground floor.

Hoping they sell something other than sandwiches for Matt’s sake.

We still have a few more places to see before we decide as a team. At least we now know there’s better out there.

At Agendize, we’re always finding room for improvement

…and more space for C R E A T I V I T Y!

Maybe you can help us find a new home?

Feel free to comment and share your leads below. We’d like to stay in the downtown Montreal area. Thanks!


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