A company that has values!

At Agendize we work together, we share together a common goal to grow the business and the people within it.

The 4 great values that bring us together


We are proud of our work, we do it to the best of our abilities, on time and responsibly.

Our teams combine experts from different trades, who in a bright, colorful and friendly work environment helps us to strengthen teamwork and collaboration.



We pool our skills to meet challenges with the constant concern to improve. Our people do their best, and we are constantly looking for ways to learn and evolve.

Learning is an ongoing process.

We offer unique opportunities to learn and grow including discovery workshops, awareness training and leadership, and much more. We recognize that we can make mistakes and know how to seek help.



We make a point of being helpful to our customers, our colleagues and the community.

A commitment that is important to us every day.

Each of us is important and is laying the groundwork to contribute to the world of tomorrow.


Finally, let's do it all while having fun


A good mood is a driving force for our well-being at work.

Success is sweeter when we can share smiles!


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