Use Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Use Scheduling for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Agendize Online Scheduling boasts a variety of benefits as a business application, including increased bookings, reduced no-shows, eliminating double-bookings and tons of time saved through automated appointment management. Now, with integration through a Microsoft Dynamics Cloud CRM, business users can leverage the full power of Agendize in building up their top-of-the-line CRM sales machine.


Scheduling for MS Dynamics in Action


After selecting Agendize within Microsoft Dynamics’ Active Directory of applications, users can choose a name and URLs to support their implementation of online scheduling. Once the application is created within Dynamics, users can create an API key that will give Agendize Online Scheduling access to their MS Dynamics account.


With a simple confirmation and authorization step following this, users are then able to search for clients within Agendize’s Online Scheduling web application, while every appointment booked is shared with MS Dynamics as a scheduled event. Furthermore, when a client books a user through Online Scheduling, they’re automatically created as a contact within MS Dynamics, offering a layered synchronization that instantly enables a business to pipeline more leads to their sales teams.


Why CRM-driven Enterprises use Agendize


Agendize is a crucial addition for CRM-driven organizations, whether they sell B2B or B2C, because it enables sales representatives to automatically schedule, remind and get feedback on the appointments they book with clients. Agendize’s advanced, easy-to-use, customizable platform not only boasts advanced APIs and integrations within enterprise ecosystems, while it’s standalone platform offers the end-to-end customer engagement needed by any business seeking to make a distinct impression on consumers.


That’s why market leaders like Desjardins, Videotron and Diageo implement all implement a unique mix of Agendize’s solutions to better engage their customers while getting the most out of their existing initiatives. With Agendize in hand, leaders from any sector can drive more appointments, conversations and conversion opportunities while maintaining a unified conversation with each and every customer.


Powering up with the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics


Now, with Agendize integration for Microsoft Dynamics, your business has no limits in applying automation to its favorite CRM. Microsoft Dynamics is renowned for its flexibility, attractiveness, and unique ability to be implemented in a variety of ways, meaning that all users can in some way enjoy the benefits Online Scheduling to increase appointment bookings, reduce no-shows, eliminate double bookings and save time.
What’s more, with Agendize, your business is assured top-of-the-line advancements with the applications it chooses, whether they be Online Scheduling, Live Chat, Click-to-Call, Form Building, Call Tracking, Save & Share or more, as well as integrations with a variety of capabilities like Salesforce, so no matter your business’ preference between CRMs and other software services, you can always add value with Agendize.


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