Understanding Live Chat’s Effect on Consumers

Understanding Live Chat’s Effect on Consumers

Consumers are looking for simple and compelling digital experiences when they browse and shop online, and Live Chat is one of the interactions that is both universal and expected by consumers in this process. 90% of consumers consider it helpful, while 62% say they are more likely to purchase from a site with Live Chat and 38% directly credit Live Chat for closing a purchase they have made in the past.


Live Chat can also offer transformative prospects for customer service centers in interacting with customers, however not all Live Chats are created equal. To get the most out of Live Chat for both E-Commerce sales and customer service, businesses need to incorporate one that offers outstanding experiences and proactivity. That way, no visitor is left unattended to, and no opportunity for a new customer is missed.


Seeing Live Chat for Yourself



With Live Chat incorporated into your web presence, visitors can easily start interacting directly with a representative of your business, either through a website or Facebook page. Businesses can manage Live Chat with ease and give their visitors the opportunity to engage them in a quick and simple manner with no specific commitment, while proactive chat can reach out to consumers who may not know what they’re looking for on a website.


It’s this character that makes the Live Chat experience so positive for consumers, as well as seamless for businesses to incorporate. Once your business incorporates Live Chat, it becomes easy to respond to customer service issues and complete sales in real time, making it simple to support every element of your business’ engagement with customers.


Knowing Better to Benefit Your Customers


Incorporating Live Chat can be crucial to getting the most out of your business’ customer engagements. Live Chat has outstanding popularity among consumers for its efficiency and ease-of-use, and incorporating it into your business’ day-to-day operations can go a long way to modernizing your digital presence.

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