Treat Every Page Like Your Homepage

Treat Every Page Like Your Homepage

In a post about how to use call-to-action buttons on your website to attract and convert more visitors on 1stwebdesignerCharina Torres wrote something web designers often forget:

“Many developers have the connotation of just putting call-to-action buttons on the homepage of the website, remember that it should not only be limited on the homepage, rather try putting some call-to-action buttons on every page of the website.”

Very true! When people find your site via a search engine, they are just as likely to land on an internal page as your home page. By adding multiple call-to-actions to your website, your visitors can browse longer and take action from more than one page.

The key business marketing rule here is: make it easy for customers to buy from you.

In the offline shopping world, you would normally display your merchandise, promotions and prices in a clear way. Most importantly, you would hire employees that can help your customers find the right product, answer their specific questions and remind them of new arrivals/discounts.

Why should it be any different offline? Designing a good website and using call-to-action covers only part of your sales strategy. Click-to-Call is a necessary tool in offering the human touch customer service experience that’s often missing when shopping online. By adding a “Call Me” click-to-action button on your website, you will prompt more users to pick up the phone and call, even if your number is listed on your page anyway. It’s easy and effective as tapping a salesperson and asking them for help…offering even more actually. It’s possible integrate a Click-to-Call button on a banner ad, or send it to leads via email too!

Although the phone is considered the most effective form of contact for many businesses, it’s important to provide your prospective customers with many different ways to contact you. Not everyone shops the same way. People who are not comfortable on the phone sometimes prefer Live Chat or email. Others need to speak to a real person before buying.

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