The Only Secret You Need to Know to Upsell Online

The Only Secret You Need to Know to Upsell Online

Today I started thinking about the process of customer upselling after watching Jason Caruso’s video tutorial on upselling products on your website posted on Conversion Marketing Pro (a popular LinkedIn group that a few of us at Agendize manage.)

Upselling in the physical world exists everywhere. I’m sure you can recall a time when you’ve bought more than what you came for:

Fast food joints offering you a chance to beef up your meal for an extra dollar…

Department stores encouraging you to buy a second item for a third of the price…

24 hour shops enticing you with a tasty chocolate bar at the cash that you eventually buy into (and often regret)…

Unfortunately, there are fewer options online to connect with consumers on a personal level. However, at Agendize, we’ve created a special tool designed to increase upsales and improve customer service: Live Chat.

Without Live Chat on your website, you miss out on many valuable leads and conversion opportunities. Your company lacks a method of helping customers find what they’re looking for. With Live Chat, you can choose to politely approach your shoppers or wait for them to ask your agent a question first. The ability to chat with a real live person is always there.

According to Internet Retailer Magazine, “58% of U.S. consumers say they’ve interacted with an e-retailer using live chat, up from 54% last year”. The message is clear: Live Chat is no longer a bonus feature for eCommerce sites. It’s an expectation.

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