The fundamentals of customer engagement for franchises


The fundamentals of customer engagement for franchises

Consumer expectations have fundamentally shifted, and businesses need to adapt to the digital transformation we’re all experiencing by moving their engagements online. Franchises are no exception to this.

Consider the fact that 61% of consumers now either expect or appreciate calls from their local businesses, while the same number appreciate receiving a call during their path-to-purchase. SMBs, franchises and enterprises alike need to adapt to this seismic shift in order to survive. Since 94.74% of franchise organizations view their marketing strategies as “very similar, somewhat similar, or unsure” to those of their competitors, integrated customer engagement suites can be a crucial differentiator that drives the sales leads and conversions that franchises need to grow.

Thus, at its most basic level, customer engagement is first and foremost about meeting a customer where they want to be met, and in this digital age their preference seems to predominate in a few particular points of interest when engaging with businesses and brands: websites, social media profiles, location pages, search information, and context-rich advertisements.

Only with that in mind can brands then begin to prompt businesses with measurable and impactful interactions that customers love: appointment requests and online scheduling, free callbacks, live chat, digital queuing management, meaningful email and SMS marketing that all ties through a unified system, so brands can not only connect the dots and better understand which interactions drive revenue, but customers are also never affected by a message that’s out of context or breaks their relationship with a brand.

Within this environment, franchise organizations can truly control their destiny. Gaining measurable interactions that not only boost their marketing attribution, but also earn and retain more customers simply through their ease-of-use and convenient features. From here, brands can understand what really impacts their franchisees, and thusly how to help them grow.

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