The Cost of Happiness in the Digital Age

The Cost of Happiness in the Digital Age

Agendize’s new pricing plan proves that online happiness isn’t too expensive to buy.

Ever since we’re young, many of us were told that “money can’t buy you happiness.”But here at Agendize, we’re proving your parents wrong for a good reason. Is it too bold to say that anybody who thinks money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop?As we officially announce our NEW PRICING PLAN, we want to help you understand why you’re better off shopping at Agendize. There’s many reasons, but we’ll try and make this one short.

Our tools prove that (very little) money CAN buy you and your online users happiness.Our new pricing plan is flexible for any type of business: from small teams working in a Garage to medium-sized open offices and large skyscraper enterprises. We understand that different businesses work on different budgets… and we’re not the type to discriminate.Our Share, Comment & Rate and Fill a Form tools are free of charge. Another reason to give us a chance.

Also, Agendize is the only company in the market that offers Pay As You Go Pricing. This way, you only get charged when your action has been used and you’re connected to your user.You’d be surprised with how much a 50 cent chat or $1 call is actually worth. By promoting live customer engagement, the chances of you sealing the deal are way higher.We also kept the monthly plan option since many of our  customer’s refused to let it go. Our monthly plans start from $19 a month for Chat or $39 for Book an Appointment, always including an unlimited amount of chat sessions and appointments.

All buttons include custom reports, Google Analytics integration and API access to name a few.
We also give you the freedom to switch over to a monthly plan from Pay As You Go, whenever you want. There are never any hidden fees…not even to cancel. We’re pretty open about that stuff so you know.

At Agendize, we care so much about making you and your clients happy, that we’ll even throw in a $5 credit to the pot so you can give our toolbox a shot.
Go ahead. Try it out. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, but many happy customers to gain.

Happy Clicking!

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