The Call to Action Trio

The Call to Action Trio

Earlier this week, Agendize was featured on Sarah Shaw’s blog Entreprenette. She asked over 30 online businesses and entrepreneurs to share their call to action tips. The testimonials are great!

Since I only had a few lines to share Agendize’s call to action success, I decided to make some space on our blog to go more in depth. After seeing the big appetite online for call to action advice, I’ve added a third element to our tasty Call to Action Combo, transforming it into a delicious trio.


Hungry for conversions? Try this:

  1. Social Proof

According to Robert Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, an action is considered more appropriate when we see others doing it. In online marketing, social proof keeps visitors browsing your site longer and converting through signups, clicks, shares, likes etc.

  1. Freebies

Offering your new customers free credit or a trial is a great way to prove the usefulness of your product or service. Freebies are also a great incentive to promote your brand on a large scale. People love to brag about the free stuff they got online. Add a Share button beside your offer so your customers can easily share it with their social networks.

  1. Conversion Tools

Ever think to link your call to action button to a real person? Adding a Live Chat or Click-to-Call button to you website can do just that. By making it easy (and free) for your customers to get in touch with your customer service team, you will reduce shopping cart abandonment, while increasing upsales and conversions.

Bon Appetite!

Nancy E.

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