The Agendize recipe: 10 steps to better conversion

The Agendize recipe: 10 steps to better conversion

Last week’s post explored 3 amazing SEO resources that can improve you website’s traffic and conversion rates. After spotting many positive comments,  re-tweets and starting a discussion, we decided to continue the (conversion) conversation. Just for you!

We’re always happy to spread the love and tips on how to improve your business.This time around, the good advice comes from us, The Agendize Team, with a little help from

To celebrate the first day of summer (and our lovely new office),we share with you our homemade recipe of conversion success. Check out this amazing 8-slide online presentation called “Does your conversion rate suck? 10 tips to better your conversion.

[slideshare id=8337617&doc=doesyourconversionratesuck-tenstepstobetterconversion-110617084249-phpapp02]

We hope you like it.

Now it’s your turn to spread the word. Send this presentation to your colleagues,followers and friends!

Nancy E.

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