Technology Stress Management: 3 Tips on Keeping Your Cool

Technology Stress Management: 3 Tips on Keeping Your Cool

Is there even a point asking the question have you ever felt stressed using technology? What about this instead…

Do you own a TV, cell phone or laptop? I know you’re raising your hand up high.

Technology-related stress has been fully integrated into our daily lives. Maybe this type of stress isn’t so bad if you see it as daily office- job workout routine…or something.

At the Montreal Agendize office this morning, our hearts started pumping hard when the portable A/C unit blew a fuse. This triggered the wireless router to turn off, booting all of us offline. Dealing with these types of issues in 100˚ heat will make you break a sweat. Other than burning some calories, stress is never good for your health.

I recently tweeted an article posted on @bitrebels by Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting) that mentions a poll conducted by Stinky Ink focusing on employees stressing aver technology:

40% of those polled said that technology issues were more stressful to them than family or financial issues.

That’s a powerful statistic knowing that money is the leading culprit in most divorces in America.
So what’s the solution so technology doesn’t drive you to throw your computer out the window (like this guy) or end your marriage? It’s all about choosing the right partner and tools:

1. Don’t be afraid of trying new things

You won’t find a perfect match unless you play the field. Be open to get help and try out new tools that are proven to help your business grow. A conversion button like Live Chat and Click-to-Call can increase online sales by 25% and more.

2. Be picky when choosing between technologies

Do your homework so you don’t waste time downloading or purchasing tools that won’t work for you. Take some time to research: read online reviews and ask your friends what they use. Don’t always settle for big name brands. Sometimes the best help is free…this goes for apps too!

3. See flexibility as a major point of attraction

Flexibility is more than a bonus these days…it’s a requirement! Choose a product that is easy to work with so you’ll enjoy every step in the process. You don’t need to be a computer geek to get stuff done online. A company like Yola for example, makes it so easy for anyone to build a professional website.

How do you manage technology- related stress at your workplace? Which online tools help calm you down and how do they contribute to your business plan? Post your comments below!


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