Success with Online Scheduling for Beauty Salons

Success with Online Scheduling for Beauty Salons

Properly managing a schedule can be crucial to the smooth functioning of any beauty salon, and incorporating Online Scheduling can be helpful for any business in increasing bookings, reducing no-shows, eliminating double-bookings and saving time. However, for businesses that offer a lot of stimulating visual content, and are fundamentally fun and social in the nature of their services, social media can be a crucial means to attract attention and new clientele at little to no cost. However, how then should beauty salons and the like convert that attention into tangible revenue?


One solution may lie in that very same use of Online Scheduling, not simply for all the productivity benefits and opportunities it opens up for salons, but also because it can be a critical conversion tool in dedicated marketing campaigns and platforms, in addition to offering a direct, unobstructed line for clients to communicate with a business. When booking appointments is the end goal, online scheduling can be the tool that makes the sky the limit.



Online Scheduling and Social Media

It doesn’t take too much for beauty salons to have impressive social media presences and communities pop up around them – simply take a look at their work! Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are so full of pictures, so wanting of color, and so easy to saturate with content that consumers only want more of. Beauty Salons do the exact kind of work that is not only visually appealing, but also a seemingly pure mode of self-expression. Clients and the communities around beauty salons are constantly engaged in a sophisticated discourse on the latest trends, appropriate manners, impressive looks and ways to let their personality come through in the beauty treatments they receive.


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As with all forms of beauty, consumers have a natural attraction and interest in the services beauty salons provide. Even if they’re not frequenting a salon or only taking appointments once in awhile, they still pay close attention and consider how they might do things for themselves, or even do things differently from everyone else. Our senses of beauty and self-expression can also be a bit impulsive, and when we see a look we like, we might tend to leap at the opportunity to have the same thing. This is the main area in which Online Scheduling and Social Media can co-mingle to supercharge a beauty salon’s appointments – by capitalizing on desire within customers to get instant access to a beauty salon’s products and services.



How Integration Goes Down

Facebook is the most adopted social network, with more than 1.5 billion users active monthly, so integrating Online Scheduling there should be a priority for beauty salons. Fortunately, it’s easy! With the right software, integration with Facebook Apps can begin with just a click. From there, a properly set up platform will capture passionate and interested customers, while you can also integrate Online Scheduling with Facebook’s Calls-to-Actions. This then allows you to promote your business and its scheduling through Facebook’s powerful advertising platform, meaning you can be sure to capture the interest that advertising and marketing attract, instead of just hoping it works out for your business.


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Instagram can be used very differently by businesses than Facebook, and in some ways can be far more effective in attracting customer interest – particularly among Instagram-obsessed Millennials! Since it’s a single feed, in which each post (with both picture and unlimited text) commands the complete attention of the user as they pass through it, Instagram offers the best opportunity to put forward the best of your business when you have your customers’ complete attention. Furthermore, Instagram only allows links in the biography each user has on their account. This may seem a bit unwieldy for most tab-happy browsers, but in the case of Instagram this means every link is worthwhile and attracts the maximum attention possible from each consumer. Placing Online Scheduling in your bio means you can just tell your customers “Link in bio!” at the end of each post if they want to schedule online. If links were everywhere, they would probably go ignored, but the tastefully constrained design of Instagram means you can make the most of it in attracting customers!


A Beautiful, Fully Integrated Community
Online Scheduling continues to provide a basic advantage for any service-based business that incorporate it – it allows customers instant, 24/7 access with real-time availabilities and clutch notifications, meaning there is no time wasted by staff in chaperoning clients through the entire process of their appointments. The advantages of social media integration apply to any business that uses Online Scheduling, but in the case of beauty salons, it is a significant and powerful way for them to not only tell their story, but also keep their story going!

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