Status-quo and Relevance of Cloud Apps for SMBs

Status-quo and Relevance of Cloud Apps for SMBs

Cloud applications offer great benefits to SMBs, who rely increasingly on such services to support their business operations. What’s the status quo? Why are cloud services good for SMBs? The answers are the reason why Agendize solutions are now available on leading marketplaces.

What’s the cloud about?

Cloud solutions are basically software that is hosted and available online so businesses can access to their tools anytime, anywhere – no installation needed.

That is exactly what Agendize solutions like Online Appointment Scheduling and Click to Call are about.

SMBs rely heavily on cloud applications

Businesses rely increasingly on cloud applications and services to support their operations. Forrester reported that today, 61% of SMBs are using cloud-based solutions, with an additional 5% planning to add cloud services in the next six months. This trend is not about to stop. A recent article on Forbes states that SBM spending on cloud solutions will growth by 20% by 2018.

Benefits of cloud apps for SMBs

Cloud applications and services provide clear benefits to businesses – just to mention a few…

Flexible. On-demand.

Software licensing is a thing of the past. Cloud applications are available to SMBs on-demand. Businesses can subscribe to a service only for as long as they need it.

Complete convenience.

All you need to operate a cloud application is an internet connection and a device. Businesses can get set up in a few clicks. Cloud applications are also becoming increasingly mobile-friendly. All this ensure that essential services are available anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Security. Reliability.

Cloud applications and services handle infrastructure and security issues for you. One less hassle for SMBs to think of. Data protection and service availability are handled.


Agendize joins major marketplaces

The advent of cloud services also witnessed the emergence of marketplaces that specialize in the retail of such cloud solutions. Agendize is now available on leading marketplaces including GetApp, Essential Cloud and AppDirect.

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