#SEO Guide: Where should you be on social media?

#SEO Guide: Where should you be on social media?

Social Media is a great for small businesses to share their content and get reactions from their community of customers in real time.

Visually stunning businesses in food, fitness, beauty and design or aesthetically-oriented industries have a particularly great opportunity to share updates, new products or services and more via visually pleasing platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

But, without thinking of the particulars of a certain industry or crowd, what are the social media initiatives any small business can take to succeed? This is crucial to consider as 66% of shoppers check in on Facebook while they shop, and 77% of shoppers post-product reviews on Facebook after a purchase – often with photos and videos.

Further 21% of consumers use smartphones all the way through the research process and 32% use tablets for the same purpose, making social media crucial to any business’s path to purchase.

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