#SEO Guide: Where should you be on social media ? (Part 2/2)

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#SEO Guide: Where should you be on social media ? (Part 2/2)

Previously, you can read the first part here : WHERE SHOULD YOU BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA?

So, with that in mind, there are still social profiles that are necessary to consider.

Let’s go through them:

Facebook & Google My Business: These profiles are absolutely necessary. Google and Facebook are the first place most consumers look when searching for a local business, so be sure to include your address, opening hours, the right categories and information about your products and services so that potential customers have all the general information they need about your business.

Yelp, Foursquare: These social platforms are critical for restaurant and lifestyle businesses. Not only do people want to review and see user-generated content about a business, but they also gravitate to well-reviewed businesses and want to check-in online when they go somewhere with a good reputation. Don’t neglect how this can generate real word-of-mouth from simple online chatter!

Pinterest, Instagram: These are great for visual businesses, beauty businesses, caterers, designers, apparel shops and more. Be sure to share new products, recipes, outfits or simply express the cool, lifestyle and personality your business is built to
practice. A great looking profile here can easily get a good following and make people proud to identify with your brand.

Snapchat, Medium, Twitter: These social networks may seem more out-of-the-way, but for particularly youth-oriented or event-based businesses, Snapchat can be a great way to share what’s going on (be sure: playfulness and creativity is a must). For perhaps more serious and “deeper-dive businesses”, whether you’re a local designer or architect, or simply an energetic founder who wants to share their story, Medium can be a great tool to share blog posts and get live updates and feedback from your community.

Integrated right with Twitter, this gives you particularly great access to local media outlets and early-adopting netizens who are always looking for something new.

LinkedIn, Google+: LinkedIn is a great place to represent your business and help grow your career, but for local businesses it is only truly relevant if you’re selling to other businesses. If you execute services like contracting and consulting that might interest businesses near you, LinkedIn is absolutely necessary to practice presence on. Google+ can also be great to access certain local communities, and also to simply get more content in Google Search’s line of sight.

SoundCloud, Meetup, Tumblr: These social networks have unique, dedicated communities that are always interested in novel and alternative content, while also looking to meet new people. If you’re willing to get creative with what you produce, or
think your business is truly interesting and unique, don’t hesitate to get on here!

With the right social network architecture, you can post authentic content and share customer stories or new products with ease. Instant access to your community of followers further means that you can get response, input, or even plain ol’ enthusiasm
right away, providing the growth factor many small businesses need for success!



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