#SEO Guide : What kind of customers does SEO get you?

#SEO Guide : What kind of customers does SEO get you?

In understanding why you want to set up the appropriate SEO initiatives, it’s important to understand the profile of customers that come to you through SEO.

These customers arrive at your business through searches on websites like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Most traffic comes through Google, but with every one of these search engines, there are customers determined to make the best purchase for their needs, and that gives your business an advantage as you work to be more relevant in search through optimization.

So, what factors go into getting the attention of these research-driven consumers who are looking to buy? Well, a few elements can be crucial to ensuring you have a real relevance on Google and other search engines – namely:

• Craft the right keywords (using Google Keyword Planner can be an easy, powerful way to discover how customers might be looking for a business like yours and what language you can use to speak to them)

• Ensure that your site is well-coded, works fast and efficiently, provides a strong user experience, is mobile responsive and offers clear actions for visitors to take. A great web designer will take care of this, however with a premium website builder and more, it shouldn’t be a problem to do yourself.

• Understanding the demographics of who’s looking for your business and how to appeal to them. This could only take a few questions to your favorite customers to figure out, but search engines are built to rely on real-world preferences.

• Posting fresh content and being linked by websites popular with the people you want to attract. This is just like advertising in a newspaper or magazine, except you not only capture the audience that views that content, but you also get the attention of people who are searching for your business.

Thus, with a basic idea of how to approach your SEO, you can go about posting relevant content and appropriately sponsoring content. This overview works for any type of business because the the architecture of SEO is typically the same no matter the sector.

For social media, however, certain type of businesses can do a great job on certain platforms and really start outpacing the competition.

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