Send to Phone: Shifting Content in a Smart Way

Send to Phone: Shifting Content in a Smart Way

Earlier this year, @FredWilson from blogged about “content shifting”, a term that’s attracting a lot of attention in the tech world. The demand is clear: users want access to any type of content, on multiple devices 24/7. With the creation of smartphones, tablets and more, technology and content are growing side by side to meet the needs of a now more social, connected consumer who is constantly on-the-go. Tools like Instapaper, ReadItLater and Apple’s upcoming Reading List function in iOS5 are all about saving reading material for later. Our conversion tools follow suit,developing alongside the latest trends of content shifting…proving that sending content for later is equally effective:

Send to Phone is a great example of how you can shift content and increase conversions by encouraging your visitors send, save and share your content to their cell phone. With over 300 million mobile subscribers in the U.S alone, it’s a necessary tool.

Establishing this offline connection is required for an audience that has less free time to browse your site. Making your content more flexible is proven to better expose your company and brand, while building a more meaningful and loyal client-base.

“People want to be able to content shift everywhere and onto every device…and I am certain that we will see this get easier and easier in the coming years,” says Wilson. Agreed. The future of content shifting is looking exciting and we can’t wait to adapt for the next steps!

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