Adapt your forms in the wild with Form Builder

Adapt your forms in the wild with Form Builder

In the world of customer engagement tools, Live Chat, Click-to-Call, Online Scheduling and more have taken their rightful places as the up-and-coming (or “already arrived”) solutions that businesses prefer to reach out to their customers, but Form Building has been there all along.


In one form or another, surveys and contact forms have been around since the very beginning of the internet to facilitate relationships between users, and subsequently between consumers and businesses. Now, with an advanced form builder, any business can consolidate these fundamental interactions with ease, and analyze them and their customer information through one unified system.


Enhance Your Client Experience



Webforms are essential to any website, but particularly to business websites that are built to collect leads and create more customers. With convenience and easy-to-create webforms, businesses can allow consumers to leave them information through contact sheets and surveys, while also enjoying the interactivity and unobtrusive nature of a webform experience. As time continues to pass, this critical tool still finds a way to play an essential role to how consumers and businesses engage online!


Creating a Form



Creating a form with Form Builder is easy, and the online forms you can create are highly configurable and adjustable, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting things just right and delaying the way you deploy forms. With different questions, styles and categories that allow all your form responses to be stored in a unified system, Form Builder empowers you to create web forms that are more engaging than what any customer has experienced before.


Integrating Forms



With Form Builder, the dynamic, highly configurable experiences you can offer your clients can be easily integrated across your web presence using HTML and other tools. What’s more, once you integrate your forms, they can be altered from your Form Builder without having to re-integrate them into your web presence, giving you the complete flexibility and control you need to fully engage your customers online.


An Essential, But Better


Webforms have always been essential to even the most rudimentary online presence, but for most businesses advanced flexibility and styling is needed while still retaining the simplicity and directness that consumers crave, particularly through mobile internet.
With Form Builder, your customers are never at a loss for ways to leave you critical information that could lead to more sales, and you’re never at a loss for that information and ways to change what you collect. Form Builder keeps it all in one place, so even though you may change what your work is, you don’t have to change the way you work!

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