Scheduling software to digitally transform your beauty salon, hair salon or barber shop

Scheduling software to digitally transform your beauty salon, hair salon or barber shop

Services in beauty and relaxation are in vogue these days, their popularity particularly fuelled by the ease-of-marketing possible through visually stimulating social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and employment in professions like cosmetology and barbering are expected to grow from 11 to 13% between 2012 and 2022, with nearly half of all those working in the industry being self-employed.


Beauty Salons and Barber Shops are a $20 billion-plus business in the United States alone. Their industry is highly fragmented at that, with the 50 largest companies in the sector generating about 15% of revenue. In confronting both the opportunities and challenges faced within the beauty industry, Online Scheduling can not only help drive the digital engagements that customers expect, but also improve the efficiency of beauty salons and professionals for whom independence and flexibility are among their chief concerns. Check out this demo website for more on how beauty salons, hair salons and barber shops can engage their clients!


Beauty Salons can pamper their customers digitally too!


In the typical beauty salon customer’s discovery process, a tool like Online Scheduling can make the difference in whether customers simply browse a website or make a meaningful connection with the business it represents. Imagine a customer looking for the right pedicure close to their home. If they’re able to book right away, aren’t they less likely to compare prices or look at different treatments that competitors make available to them?


With online scheduling integrated in a beauty salon’s web presence, customers can also have peace-of-mind that the information they share with a business is saved and organized properly. Real-time availabilities give them the best opportunity to book whenever they want, while automated reminders and notifications give them the updates they need to feel confident in the appointments they make. With the right online scheduling you can not only enhance your online experience and increase conversion, but make customers feel pampered in a way that is only appropriate for a beauty salon.


Online Bookings save hassle and confusion


While Online Scheduling boasts holistic benefits for both a beauty salon’s performance and its relationships with its customers, it also has a host of specific advantages that allow a business to rest easy and satisfy its customers. With online Scheduling, beauty salons and beauty professionals can:



  • Get customers to book on impulse, 24/7 (with real-time availabilities)


Your clients are browsing your social media constantly, binging on facebook pages and instagram profiles as they look for exactly what they want out of their personal care. Coming across yours with the opportunity to book, whether it’s 6 in the evening or 6 in the morning, they can book right away whether you’re working or not. Real-time availabilities also mean that your services are essentially on-demand, as clients can have certainty about when and where they’re getting their best look from you.



  • Never be confused about a double-booking with calendar sync


Whether your attention span is sapped by your busy work day, or that of your clients is compromised by the various distractions in their busy lives, double-bookings are the bane of any service-based business. They represent everything that threatens a business’ reputation to its clients, from disorganization and ineffectiveness to lost time in their packed schedules. What’s worse, they represent lost revenue from a client who was clearly ready to take advantage of the services a beauty salon would offer. With automatic calendar updates, as well as 2-way syncing with a staff member’s personal online calendar, double-bookings become a thing of the past – every appointment is accounted for in real-time, and if personal events get in the way of work, they can be accounted for without having to notify clients before they book.



  • Eliminate no-shows with notifications and reminders


Beauty Salon clients love to be catered to, and to ensure that they arrive on time and prepared for their appointments is key to smoothly running each and every work day with maximum efficiency. When a client fails to show, not only is it lost time and revenue for you, but it also represents a missed opportunity to build a stronger relationship based on a series of treatments with that client – something that can sustain both your business and living as a beauty professional. Sending a client automated notifications by both email and text message related to changes in their appointments, as well as reminders in the days and hours leading up to an appointment. With these in hand, clients are always ready for what you have to offer, and you can always be certain they’ll show up!


With beauty salon scheduling software, there are plenty of tangible benefits that apply to any type of business. However, once a software is implemented, there are a whole host of possibilities for what your beauty salon can accomplish as a business – no matter its size!


Integrate efficiencies, whether you’re one or a thousand!


With the right beauty scheduling software, you can take advantage of a variety of features that add a layer of success to your business, including things like auto-created customer profiles, CRM integrations, mobile staff management, analytics to improve performance, and remarketing to grow your business.



  • Multiple Facebook apps empower beauty businesses


Not only can having a Facebook presence empower beauty businesses to get even more out of the audiences they attract online, but they can also feature scheduling prominently on their pages through Facebook Apps. What’s more, businesses can set up free Online Scheduling through Facebook to receive appointment requests from their clients in only 3-clicks. Their scheduler can use the information on their Facebook page, like opening hours, to configure their platform and start getting them appointments right away!



  • Scheduling mini-pages empower salons without a website


Since beauty salons, hairdressers and more often have difficulty managing what are relatively high startup costs, a website can often be one of the necessary expenses that falls by the wayside. However, the outstanding advantages of Online Scheduling are still available to any salon that wants to implement them through a scheduling mini-page, accessible from a direct URL. With this in hand, businesses also have an easy way of displaying all the information their customers need when booking an appointment.



  • Understand every interaction with auto-created customer profiles


With the right beauty scheduling software, every appointment you have with a customer can be saved to automatically generated customer profiles based on information like name, phone number, email and more. From here, you can take notes, manage these profiles, and see every one of your digital engagements with your customers stored for future reference, meaning you don’t have to remember a thing!



  • Use the native CRM, or integrate with a 3rd party!


Whether you want to use native Customer Relationship Management to its full potential or already have a platform that you love, and beauty scheduling software can integrate both. You don’t have to change the way you work in order to add value to your business through Online Scheduling. While your clients feel the benefit of Online Scheduling features like custom notification and real-time availabilities, you can also get more information on them to supplant what you already know!



  • Manage your staff and schedule from anywhere with a mobile app


Integrated mobile apps for iOS and Android are crucial to ensuring you can get the most out of your business’ software, whenever and wherever you are. The right beauty scheduling software has mobile apps which allow you to manage appointments and staff, book appointments that are necessary, and contact clients or simply view their profiles so that you’re always prepared for them. This way, the power to ensure your business runs smoothly is always in the palm of your hand!



  • Use analytics to improve your overall performance


What to know how many appointments your staff members are taking? What type of appointments? What the overall revenue of different times of day are overall? What your clients prefer? This information and more is available to your when beauty scheduling software incorporates the right analytics platform, as well as customizable reports, so you can get the information you need to make decisions about your business.



  • Send your customers and leads promotional emails – earn the revenue to grow your business through automated remarketing!


With customer profiles at your disposal, including information on all their previous appointments, you can go through customers one-by-one or all at once and figure out promotional offers, discounts, or products and services that might appeal to them. From there, send them these promotions by customizable email and watch your customer loyalty build as your business prospers!


Beauty salon scheduling software can enable you to achieve more out of your salon as a business, while also drawing you closer to customers through more attentive and fulfilling relationships.


Give your business a platform for success


Beauty salon scheduling is key for businesses that depend on timing, trends and their location relative to their customers. Consumers expect digital interactions with businesses, and if consumers are forced to interact with a beauty salon in ways they aren’t comfortable with, how can they be expected to entrust their comfort to them?


Beauty Salon Scheduling is rapidly becoming the industry standard for barbers, hairdressers, cosmetologists, nail specialists and more working in personal care. Busy schedules, rapidfire appointments and above all the need to be beautiful dictate that this industry needs to adopt scheduling in a way that others should envy. For each individual proprietor and professional, it’s important to ask: what scheduling solution offers you the flexibility to grow your business? Which solution gets out of the way, so your style can stand out? And, most importantly, prospective beauty schedulers should ask: which solution will your customers love?
To find some answers to these questions, set up a free 30-minute demo with Agendize below. You can also access a 30-day free trial and free quick setup by one of our experts, meaning your clients can start scheduling in an right away. For more help, check out the website below for an example of what kind of engagement beauty salons can achieve with online scheduling!

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