Say Bon Voyage, Not Goodbye to Your Customers – Live Chat for Travel Agencies

Say Bon Voyage, Not Goodbye to Your Customers – Live Chat for Travel Agencies

Live Chat for Travel AgenciesWebsites with Live Chat helps increase sales and customer satisfaction, making sure your business stands out from the competition.

As the outside temperature begins to drop, more and more people are searching online for their next getaway. As a travel agent, you know how much work lies ahead in the next coming months…

The travel industry was one of the earliest to go online. With a thousands of websites offering holiday packages, car rentals, flights and more—every visitor counts. So what’s the trick to get them to stay longer, browse and buy your hot deals?

Increase your sales by chatting up their dream vacation.

Most people don’t have the time or patience to visit an agent or scan dozens of vacation brochures. We all know how confusing travel magazines can be, often carrying out-of-date information about pricing and dates.

With Live Chat you can privately discuss prices, availabilities and more so you can close the deal ‘that day’. Literally show your customers what’s in store for them by sending them links of beautiful beach photos/videos via the chat console. Choose to greet visitors with a friendly message or wait for them click on the chat bubble when they feel ready to talk. Monitoring browsing activity is easy so when the time comes to chat, you’ll be ready to answer specific questions.

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