Save to Address Book: The #1 Digital Alternative to Paper Business Cards

Save to Address Book: The #1 Digital Alternative to Paper Business Cards

Did you know that business cards have existed since the 17th century?

For decades, business cards have become an essential tool to introduce yourself and your company to leads and business connections. They’re appropriate to bring out in new conversations without being pushy and unprofessional. On the other hand, carrying and collecting cards can be inconvenient. You risk having your cards left behind or lost in a pile. Not to mention they can be pricey to design and print. As more and more networking opportunities and conversations are initiated online, business cards are changing face too. Saving content digitally is more reliable, fast and convenient.

So how can you exchange your information so it will be stored in your online visitors’ laptops, cell phones and iPads without ever meeting your leads in person?

Offer them the option to Save to Address Book—an easy and quick way to store your ‘stuff’ to their Outlook, Entourage, Lotus Notes or Palm Desktop.

What can be saved to address book?

The options are endless to what can be shared with your online visitors. Your contact information including your phone number, email and physical address is essential. People like to have options on how to contact you. While some prefer email, others are comfortable setting up a meeting or demo on the phone. Adding your website invites new clients to further explore your company too.

Since you create and manage your own button with Agendize, you can tailor your customer service experience too. Choose which content you want to offer for saving.  Test it out with Agendize Analytics and help your campaigns and company grow.

Offer your visitors more ways to get in touch with you and increase your conversions and customer return rates. Add a Save to Address Book button to your website, blog or email campaign to promotes real conversations and meetings.

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