Save Time with Calendar Sync for Online Scheduling!

Save Time with Calendar Sync for Online Scheduling!

Cloud Online Scheduling is the next-generation interaction that consumers have come to expect, and your ability to synchronize Online Scheduling with personal and professional calendars like Google, Outlook, iCal and Windows Live is a crucial underpinning to many of the benefits scheduling can offer.


With appointments shared to an online calendar, or 2-way scheduling synchronization, you can finally make the most of the real-time availabilities that make scheduling so attractive, while making your entire schedule immediately viewable and eliminating double-bookings once and for all!


Implementing Online Scheduling Calendar Sync



It’s easy to implement calendar synchronizations for online scheduling through programs like Google Calendar, iCal and Windows Live. Logging into your online Scheduler and clicking the right link in the Calendar Sync section is all it takes, while you can also share calendars and even use 2-way calendar syncing through the settings for individual staff members.


Sharing your appointments between your personal calendar and Online Scheduling allows your availabilities to stay up-to-date in real time, meaning your clients never book you when you’re already busy. Adding to the benefit of eliminated double-bookings, you also save time by automatically updating your staff on their schedules, while maintaining consistency between everyone’s personal and professional calendar!


Added benefits come with Staff Sync


Eliminating double-bookings can be a huge boost to many businesses, getting rid of lost time and revenue, as well as the opportunity cost and reputation problems posed by the disorganization that comes with double-bookings. What’s more, there’s no way to measure the perfect efficiency of real-time availabilities, as you and your staff can finally keep your calendars consistent without ever having to compare appointments again!


To learn more about individual staff syncing, be sure to check out the following staff creation tutorial and make the most out of each of your employee profiles! Happy Scheduling!


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