Rock Your Customer’s World with Click-to-Call

Rock Your Customer’s World with Click-to-Call

Digital customer engagement is a growing and important facet of the way any business communicates with its customers, and Click-to-Call is no exception. According to a study by Marchex, consumers will spend $1.12 trillion through click-to-call mechanisms this year in the United States alone.


Furthermore, by 2019 click-to-call will be worth nearly $2 trillion in transactions annually, or nearly 1/11th of US GDP. Millennials are also avid users of click-to-call, and their share of the consumer economy is only just starting to grow. To reach every type of customer in the digital era, Click-to-Call is absolutely indispensable as businesses seek to expand.


Click-to-Call Makes Things Easy



The great thing about Click-to-Call is that it’s so easy to use. Once Click-to-Call is incorporated into a business’ web presence, clients can simply leave their phone number while browsing a website to receive a free call back from the business. This makes it easy to access a business, whether through a website or Facebook page, and is both useful for support while it also acts as a tried-and-true lead generator. Any business can incorporate Click-to-Call to improve their relationships with customers, particularly as the use of mobile internet and on-demand apps rises, leading consumers to expect instant interactions with their favorite businesses.


Be Your Customer’s Voice of Reason
Beyond its ease-of-use and instant access, the best part of Click-to-Call is that it creates instant, human interactions between consumers and businesses. Too much time has passed where consumers don’t get direct interactions with businesses, whether brick-and-mortar or E-commerce, disabling their ability to get the advice they’re looking for or find out more about the products they want to buy. However, with Click-to-Call in place, businesses no longer have unnatural limits placed on converting all the potential leads they have long wanted from their digital initiatives.

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