Reinvigorating Patients through Online Scheduling for Doctors

Reinvigorating Patients through Online Scheduling for Doctors

Healthcare can be a sensitive topic, so the more customers are attended to the better a service provider can make them feel comfortable. With that in mind, Doctor Michael Trombley of Vitality Health Services in Charlotte, North Carolina decided to use Agendize as his Online Scheduling solution of choice. Since preparation is so key in providing patients with the care they need, Online Scheduling can help a doctor’s office and other businesses function smoothly, increasing efficiency and customer access while also integrating simply and providing seamless visualizations of a day’s schedule – all greatly benefiting patient care!


vitality-logo“We love using Agendize’s Online Scheduling – it’s fluent and easy!” – Doctor Michael Trombley, Vitality Men

The Power of Efficiency

As Chief Medical Officer of Vitality Men, not only is Michael a doctor serving patients – he’s also tuned into the managerial needs of his business and how to improve profitability while also better serving clients. In this area, not only is retention key, but also eliminating no-shows from their weekly schedule. “Agendize is very helpful in reducing no-shows. With simple appointment status updates, we’re able to track all our no-show patients and get in touch with them. This not only helps make sure they’re alright, but helps grow retention as a result of our own attentiveness.”


Here, the capabilities of an online scheduling platform show immediate dividends. For medical professionals, not only are no-shows an exhausting and costly occurrence, but they also compromise the timely treatments needed for excellent patient care. While doctors need to practice impeccable bedside manner to keep their patients close and ensure they get the best results from their treatments, they aren’t alone – clerical technology can provide the support and structure necessary to render maximum efficiency in the medical profession.


Increasing Patient Access

While retention is key to sustaining the growth of any business, Michael has also noticed that Agendize’s 24/7 availability means Vitality ultimately books more appointments and makes a difference in more people’s lives as a result. “We’ve noticed that 30% of our patients booking online did so outside of working hours. Those extra booking opportunities are key in capturing patients who might be hesitant about our services, or need a treatment but don’t have the time to schedule one.” Michael hasn’t hesitated to get creative in encouraging people to schedule online either. “We built a quiz for men who might need treatment to educate our potential patients, and if it seems like they do, we prompt them with an online scheduling widget to make it fast and easy to address any serious problems they may have.”


Integration with Simplicity

In a field where customer service and support is valued highly, Michael also recognizes Agendize’s ability to better serve him so he can better treat his patients. “It was simple to connect Agendize to our existing website thanks to its powerful range of APIs. Not only is an Online Scheduling widget easy to incorporate, but it’s infinitely customizable to our existing design and color scheme,” adds Michael, whose interest in photography incorporates its fair share of multimedia design, “This just makes it that much simpler to excite and attract people to our Online Scheduling. Agendize seems to be able to meet the needs of any business, but understands that you can’t just think one size will fit all – their customizability means they offer the total package to anyone in need!”

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