Real Estate can break old mould with Online Scheduling

Real Estate can break old mould with Online Scheduling

Real Estate is a competitive landscape, filled with big paydays and tough bottom lines. Adding to the competitiveness of this industry is the relative equality between firms – 84% of real estate firms are independent/non-franchised companies, with 13% being independent franchises and 3% being corporate subsidiaries. Every type of real estate firm has thus been an early adopter when it comes to marketing technology, and consumers have embraced that change. 92% of people now use the internet in their home search, while on weekends 59% of page views for real estate websites come from smartphones and tablets.


A persistent crowd that is never one to let up, real estate agencies have continued to adapt to the changing digital landscape. Fully 91% of real estate agents use social media to some extent in promoting their business, all while still maintaining the integrated full-court-press style marketing for which the real estate industry is so admired. Consumers still in large part use a variety of information sources in the midst of their home searches, including: agents themselves (87%), yard signs (51%), mobile websites or apps (57%), open houses (48%), mobile web searches (54%) and print newspaper advertisements (20%). Check out this demo website for an example of how real estate agencies can use engagement tools to reach more customers!


Engage clients in a way that feels close to home


Since real estate agencies are so prodigious in their marketing efforts, wherever their marketing may be, the key for their future success is to better engage their customers through their marketing efforts. If they can simultaneously decrease the time needed between gaining a client’s interest and having their first meeting with them, all the better.


With their already rapid incorporation of digital solutions in reaching out to their clients, real estate agencies can capitalize by incorporating the latest in digital customer engagement tools into their marketing campaigns and more. Online Scheduling is one of these tools, and can facilitate increasingly better relationships between real estate agents and their clients, while also capitalizing with greater efficiency on reaching out to new clients who are interested in their services.


Give your clients access to your services


First and foremost, real estate agencies should consider the tangible benefits of Online Scheduling from both their clients’ and agents’ perspectives. Online scheduling is a fundamentally attractive proposition from both within and without a business for a variety of reasons, including:



  • 24/7 bookings with real-time availabilities


It’s evident that consumers are conducting their home searches in hours of relative leisure, whether it may be in evenings after their work day or during weekends on their mobile above (as the aforementioned statistics prove). Real Estate agents tend to make themselves available to their clients at their greatest convenience, however every schedule has its limitations. Online Scheduling enables automated bookings, 24/7, so agents don’t have to worry about losing potential clients if they’re not near their phone. What’s more, synchronizations with existing online calendars mean that agents can protect important parts of their personal lives from being booked by new clients, as Online Scheduling can block off pre-existing appointment times in an agent’s schedule!



  • Eliminate double-bookings and enhance scheduling flexibility


The added benefit of that scheduling synchronization is that it eliminates double bookings for good. If the phone is ringing off the hook and you’re manually recording appointments, how are you to be sure that you’ve gotten every detail right 100% of the time? Online Scheduling with calendar synchronization means you don’t have to worry yourself with those details again, while eliminating costly double bookings that may sap your reputation and ensuring that you can get the best balance possible between your personal and professional life.



  • Time-savings of up to 75%


With the automated manner in which Online Scheduling receives new bookings, real estate agents no longer have to play phone tag with their clients, awkwardly comparing schedules and sometimes feeling un-assured that appointments will take place. Online Scheduling’s automated notifications and reminders can also ensure that no-shows can be reduced by as much as 80%, in addition to the benefits of no longer having to individually contact clients to notify them of changes in their appointments or offer them reminders before they take place.


These essential benefits of Online Scheduling are opportune for Real Estate agencies. The by-appointment, sales-intensive nature of their work means Online Scheduling can have a more direct impact on agents’ relationships with their clients than any other other sector. However, while real estate is always quick to adopt new technology with powerful marketing potential, the suite of possibilities that come with Online Scheduling is still not to be underestimated.


Redefine your agency’s overall functionality


With the implementation of new software like Online Scheduling, a series of integrations and initiatives are possible that allow you to supercharge your real estate agency’s performance. Beyond the essential benefits of the software, you can take advantage of various features that prove to provide even more ingenious ways to use Online Scheduling in reaching out to your clients and growing your agency.



  • Online Scheduling at the heart of marketing campaigns


The hardest part about generating new business is often managing the growth it brings. With a successful marketing campaign, your agency’s existing infrastructure could become overwhelmed with an inundation of calls, emails and more. Online Scheduling linked to your marketing campaigns means that your new clients can handle themselves in approaching your agents, bringing on new clients with perfect efficiency!



  • Facebook integration provides new access to clients


Since 91% of real estate agents use some form of social media in promoting their business, it only seems right to use Online Scheduling that integrates with a Facebook page to capitalize on social traffic. In a few clicks, a real estate agency can integrate Online Scheduling through Facebook Apps, allowing any visitor to start booking in seconds – a perfect way to bring on customers who like what they see!



  • QR code integration means print materials can win digitally


Real Estate agencies love using physical marketing in order to get exposure from customers at every touchpoint. Integrating digital solutions like Online Scheduling can often be difficult when it comes to flyers, pamphlets, yard signs, billboards and more. However, this process can be made intuitive for potential clients by using Online Scheduling with a QR code, providing a new way to generate leads and connect with clients who love your advertising – anywhere it may be!



  • Native CRM and 3rd party integrations


Keeping track of customers may be difficult, and in a hectic day with a flexible schedule, who knows how you can ensure that every piece of information you collect on clients is stored in the right place. Online Scheduling with a native CRM can eliminate that guesswork, automatically generating client profiles and storing every interaction while allowing you to add your own observations as you see fit. For agencies that already incorporate CRMs like Salesforce or Zoho, Online Scheduling can also integrate here to add value to your central customer relationship platform, ensuring you never forget a thing about your clients!



  • Email Remarketing to enhance customer loyalty


Real Estate agency clients want personalized communications that keep up with their needs and interests, while also being notified of specific products, services or properties that may interest them. Online Scheduling’s integrated CRM can provide customizable email templates which allow you to automate the way you reach out to your clients, while also staying specific to their needs and desires.

With this series of integrated possibilities, any real estate agency can scale their use of Online Scheduling with ease as that very same platform helps their business grow. Whether these agencies are sole proprietors, small independents, franchises or corporate subsidiaries, Online Scheduling represents a powerful opportunity for real estate agents to connect with consumers of all stripes and maintain those relationships with the consummate professionalism they’ve come to be known for.

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