Proving the Power of Feedback with Agendize Comment & Rate

Proving the Power of Feedback with Agendize Comment & Rate

Remember the expression two heads are better than one? The principle is simple: people perform better and make wiser decisions by working together. In the eCommerce world, customer support is greatly value: Research shows that between 40 – 63% percent of online consumers will read a review guide or testimonial before purchasing a product or service.

Giving your online customers what they want can be challenging at times. It’s important to find new ways of gathering the necessary information to improve your business and find out what interests your leads. Creating a venue where customers and prospects can share information is also required. People want to communicate with real people online and not only a salesperson or brochure.

Comment & Rate is a quick, effective and free solution to gather, organize and share powerful feedback and user testimonials.

When running a small or medium business, you especially want to play it safe. You have less time and money to waste. By inviting your users to comment and rate your product/service, you will discover new ways to improve your business and satisfy your customers. By adding Comment & Rate buttons throughout your website and blog, you create stronger relationships with your audiences, increasing dialogue and traffic on your website. People want to know their opinions are valued. Show them you do and create a loyal following.

In less than 5 minutes, you can create, install and moderate your Comment & Rate buttons. Watch the screencast here:

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