Expand your offer with Agendize customer engagement features
With Agendize, give clients a new set of premium digital tools that will integrate with their website or third-party listing such as Google My Business to boost the SEO and SEM of your clients.
Present your clients a simple way to manage their appointments, generate a list of contacts to ensure a useful and effective digital transformation with online appointments and other solutions.
Do you lack the time and resources to develop your own tools?
Benefit from a quick go-to-market deployment with Agendize. Our software is ready to use instantaneously after account setup and with the copy and paste of code from our 'Installation' page. The wide range of advanced API integration that we offer allows you to customize the platform so our tools become your own, fully personalized and scalable with your branding.
At Agendize, we support you step by step in the integration and implementation of our tools. A dedicated Project Manager works with you to answers any questions you may have.

What is the added value for you and your business clients?

In addition to offering innovative engagement solutions, our software can record all the customer interactions of your client's business and generates specific reports for each Agendize tool, such as online appointments, forms, and email marketing campaigns. The 'reports' page helps your clients optimize their services and conversion potential.

Agendize allows you to manage all of your client's accounts with a reseller console, bringing efficiency and ease to the management of accounts. All of our services are offered in a  white label format; our brand disappears behind yours, so our product’s benefits become your own.


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All the features your business clients want

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Online Appointment Booking

The Agendize online appointment booking platform is unique in the market. Customizable to several types of reservation, across many business activities.

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Dynamic Forms

Provide your customers with an easy-to-use form generator to get relevant prospect data.

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Real-Time Analytics Reports

Provide your clients with insight reports and real-time tracking of their performance.

All the features you want

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Advanced APIs

Benefit from a flexible and simple integration with our tools.

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Expand your offer by integrating Agendize and make our brand disappear behind yours.

Reseller Console

Designated Reseller Console

Manage all interactions from a single interface and gain efficiency in your account management.

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We provide our partners with the right tools to succeed.

From go-to-market materials and strategy to training procedures.

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Make your launch easier by integrating our advanced APIs

API Developer Page

Agendize develops the most powerful and flexible solutions to simplify and dynamize your client relationship.
Whatever your size and industry, whether you're managing a network of franchises or an on-demand marketplace, Agendize APIs simplify your launch.