Enrich your offer with new customer relationship tools and increase your income !

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Create value


Create value and optimize your customers and franchisees’ conversion rates. By becoming a partner, you ensure that you meet the needs of your customers by providing them with a customer relationship management solution.

Promote your own brand

Extend your offer by integrating Agendize, it means making sure you stand out from your competition by offering your customers a solution that complements your offer. By endowing yourself with such a solution, you make sure you adopt a differentiating position in your market. You at the same time enhance your brand. Available in white label, you thus maintain the homogeneity and coherence of your brand as well as its visual communication.

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Simplify your work

Agendize’s many integrations, Reseller console, APIs and SSO connection open the field of possibilities. You thus offer your teams great flexibility, facilitate their integration work and drastically reduce development time. 



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Features designed with you in mind !


Single sign-on

Simplify password management and the implementation of your security policy with SSO


Agendize APIs have been created to add world-class flexibility and scalability. It allows apps to interact directly with your Agendize platform, enhancing abilities of usage as well as increasing the efficiency of managing large deployments

White Label

No need to develop from scratch. Accelerate your product innovation and expand your offer by integrating Agendize. Make our brand disappear behind yours with our white label program


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