Online Scheduling connects teachers and students in schools, colleges and universities

Online Scheduling connects teachers and students in schools, colleges and universities

Educational institutions are coming to depend on digital solutions to engage their students, especially in an environment where online schools present stiffer competition in providing students with their educational experiences. In 2016, digital textbooks will represent 35% of all textbook sales in the United States, while an expected 98% of college courses will incorporate both classroom and online components by 2020, up from 47% in 2014. Clearly, digital is making it’s way into the physical classroom, while the enrollment rate for Online Educations is 14 times that of traditional institutions.


This provides a clear approach for existing schools, colleges and universities to improve their performance and better engage their students, as incorporating digital is key for physical institutions, while incorporating tangible engagements is key for online schools to draw themselves closer to their students. With Online Scheduling at their disposal, students can book tutoring sessions, office hours with professors, admissions interviews and more, while schools, staff and professors can offer their students appointments and follow up with reminders. Whether it’s exams, special assignments, or crucial meetings about their professional futures, Online Scheduling can help institutions engage students on the issues that matter, integrating the digital solutions they’ve come to expect.


When 33% of US college students require remediation while 93% of teachers believe online tools improve student performance, Online Scheduling can be a missing link for institutions of all types. Not only can it improve organizational efficiency and better engage students, but also provide the fully designed experience they need to get the most out of their education and be best prepared for their future career. Check out this demo website for more on how engagement tools can get schools connected!


Integrate the digital solutions your students expect


Students don’t have an attention span anymore. They’re constantly jumping between laptops and mobiles, social media and selfies with their friends. While in a class, something a professor mentions may pique their interest, resulting in an interminable search through Google, Wikipedia and digital archives to better integrate the knowledge they’re absorbing daily. Jumping back and forth between tasks, you could argue that students don’t need an attention span – that’s just how self-directed they are – but underlying all of their networked wandering is digital technology that places these endless interactions at their fingertips.


In order to compete, schools must integrate the right digital systems to maintain the relationships they have with each and every student. Online Scheduling can provide a foundation for that, not only in helping students book the services and appointments they need at a school, but also by saving their interactions and information to build well-defined profiles. With built-in feedback, social integration and more, Online Scheduling enhances the way you reach out and listen to students, while also offering a bevy of time-saving effects that any organization loves.


Give staff and students more openness and security


Online Scheduling offers, first and foremost, a platform for students, professors and education professionals to not only book appointments, but communicate about time and availability more effectively, while also reducing the inefficiencies that naturally come booking over the phone or in-person.



  • Students can book appointments 24/7


With Online Scheduling, educational institutions are no longer constrained by the need for staff to be on-call to book appointments and manage schedules, allowing students to book appointments whenever is most convenient for them. Real-time availabilities also mean that students can always be certain they’re booking the best appointment for their schedule, while school staff are continually booked with maximum efficiency so that they can get the most out of their work.



  • Eliminate double-bookings and enhance scheduling flexibility


Calendar synchronizations have the added benefit of allowing staff members to block off portions of their schedule, whether they be for personal appointments or due to other professional commitments. This eliminates wasteful double-bookings once and for all, while also assuring maximum flexibility and responsiveness for staff, boosting overall peace-of-mind and workplace efficiency. When your staff is confident in their schedule, they can focus on offering the best quality of service possible to your students.



  • Automated notifications and reminders reduce no-shows by 80%


Students can often be disorganized or uncertain of their schedule. To combat this, online scheduling can implement automated notifications and reminders which update students on any changes to their appointments, and deliver them reminders in the days and hours leading up to their bookings. These messages can reduce no-shows by as much as 80%, ensuring students show up for their critical bookings and get the most success possible in their educational experience.



  • Facebook integration to meet students at their points of interest


Students are habitually on social media. While this may often be a distraction, social media pages can be a critical channel through which educational institutions can reach out to students. Online Scheduling integrates with Facebook Apps so that students can book any type of appointment right from their school’s Facebook page, giving them a new ease-of-access to the services they need to support their education.


Students generally love the ability to incorporate new digital initiatives in their everyday lives, but the benefits of Online Scheduling are not limited to outreach, engagement and increasing the efficiency of staff or appointments – it also enables broader benefits and possibilities that fundamentally recreate the relationship an educational institution can have with its students.


Make managing your programs easier than ever


From the digital and real-world engagements that Online Scheduling creates between students and staff, institutions can garner an array of additional benefits:



  • Time-savings of up to 75%


Many report savings of up to 75% on time previously spent calling, comparing schedules, offering reminders, managing appointments and more. This free time enables administrative staff to focus on providing support that enhances the quality of service students receive, while also generating new interactions that can make a personalized difference for each student’s education.



  • Auto-generate student profiles with native CRM


With Online Scheduling, every interaction students book is saved in automatically generated profiles according to their name, phone number, email address and more. These profiles enable enhanced note-taking, tracking and biographical information that not only assures continuity in an office as staff or services may change, but also allows for more attention to be paid to students according to their specific needs and histories.



  • Use Email Marketing to maintain your student connections


With Online Scheduling, the information stored on students through a native CRM also allows for email marketing practices. Particular to schools, this can help in targeting special announcements, communicating vacation periods or staff changes, updating students on classes or services and more. With Online Scheduling’s email marketing capabilities, your students are always at your fingertips when you need to update them with information they need to know!



  • Learn what they’re thinking with Feedback


After every appointment booked through Online Scheduling, students can be prompted with a simple feedback email that allows them to rate the quality of their appointment, their willingness to recommend a service to others, and leave any comments or areas for improvement. While communicating directly about these sorts of issues can often be difficult, automated feedback allows school staff to always be in touch with student tastes, preferences and values so they never fall behind when it comes to offering them services.



  • Mobile Apps to manage your staff


For any service manager at a school, mobility is key to ensuring your staff is always on point and prepared. Whether it’s tutoring, office hours, counselling and development services or more, Online Scheduling can empower staff managers with the mobile apps they need to manage staff, coordinate appointments with students, and reach out through their readily available contact information – anywhere, anytime!



  • Applying Analytics to better understand performance


Educational institutions are often leaders in applying new management techniques to evaluate their performance and improving their services to students. Since Online Scheduling records every appointment and interaction booked, it allows statistics to be gathered and thus the creation of custom reports which give managers new insights into the performance of every staff member. Over time, educational institutions can gather meaningful information about how they serve their students, better understanding what works – and what doesn’t.

In creating the best possible environment for students, whether it be online or real-world, Online Scheduling can be crucial to encouraging students’ accountability and helping improve their performance. Online Scheduling allows both students and staff to take responsibility for their appointments in a way previously not thought possible. Through the right system, schools can fundamentally transform the way they relate to students, and become leaders in the digital era as a result!

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