Get Set Up For Success with Online Scheduling (1/4)

Get Set Up For Success with Online Scheduling (1/4)

When we last discussed online scheduling, we promised you a few blog posts to show you how to get the most out of it after getting inspired by Stephanie Miles’ StreetFightMag article on how to take it out of the box. The first step to doing this is to fully-fledge your platform, making it as personalized as possible, before then doing everything you can to make sure people use your Online Scheduling, and are called to act by your business’ Online Scheduling platform.


Without further ado, here are some of the scheduling features that Small Businesses should make sure they set up correctly!


  1. Reminders – automated SMS or email messages that advise people before their appointment takes place. This often makes customers feel that a local business is taking care of them by ensuring that they are reminded of their appointment, and gives them more peace-of-mind that they will not forget their booking.
  2. Notifications – automated SMS or email messages that advise customers and staff of changes in appointments instantly. This reassures consumers regarding the reliability of a business, as they get a communication from the business anytime a modification is brought to the appointment, and over time can increase the confidence a customer has in the business tremendously.
  3. Calendar synchronizing – Where a business’  online schedule synchronizes with that of employees, so that a business staff can better anticipate their workday, while staff members can better prepare for their day by knowing who their client will be and what services they need to provide.
  4. SMBs should choose a scheduling solution that provides a mobile app. A scheduling application gives business owners and staff the ability to be more mobile in running their business. Should the app includes clients email and call or messaging shortcuts, businesses get closer to their clients, no matter how far apart they may be! With one tap, they can send a personalized message to a client and help grow retention – particularly if the app is compatible with wearables.
  5. It’s important SMBs include the booking widget in any online or offline platform where potential clients can find them. If a business has a Facebook presence, including a booking application or widget prominently on that page can be key to generating new customers. Regarding offline communications, like ads in newspapers or on flyers, QR codes are a good way to wrap a customer’s offline experience into the capabilities of digital appointment booking.

With that in mind, look forward to our coming posts on how to get the most out of Online Scheduling in serving your loyal customers, and driving new business through your platform with ease. As always, enjoy!

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