Agendize launches its mobile-optimized Online Scheduling tool

Agendize launches its mobile-optimized Online Scheduling tool

You can now manage your appointment-based business directly from a smartphone. No need to get stuck behind a desk for hours, switching endlessly from keyboard to mouse while accessing your appointment calendar.

Your user friendly & mobile-optimized platform

Manage your staff, see their individual daily planning. Access the analytics and reports of your account, set all your tool preferences, define your company services and the reminder messages you want to send to your clients.

Manage your business wherever you go

Access all your online appointments from your mobile. See your calendar for the day, for the week or for the month at your convenience. Accept, modify or decline any appointment from your entire schedule quickly and easily via your mobile device. Check your customers’ profiles and get easy access to their contact information.

Work when it suits you, during your commute, while traveling, wherever your smartphone allows you.

A glimpse of your new mobile interface:

  mobile scheduling agendize mobile scheduling agendize screenshot agendize mobile scheduling tool mobile scheduling agendize screenshot

 Have you already tried our mobile online scheduling tool? Do you like it? What would you suggest to improve it? 



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