Online Scheduling has Big Impact for Education

Online Scheduling has Big Impact for Education

Founded in 1853, Central College in Pella, Iowa has been witness to great transformations throughout American history, and has always made a point of adapting to changing times. The small, private, undergraduate-only liberal arts college prides itself on excellent athletics and an outstanding study abroad program, but for Tutoring Coordinator Cyndi Boertje, incorporating technology was pivotal in bringing the College’s services in the modern era.


“We have used Agendize’s Online Scheduling for more than a year now, and it has been a great system for our tutoring program.” – Cyndi Boertje, Tutoring Coordinator at Central College

Central College 1853


Instituting appointment Scheduling was crucial to meeting the habits of the new generation of students that Central has seemed to welcome in recent years. Among the current hyper-connected crop, most are hesitant or reluctant to find their professors and ask for help, while they feel at-home on platforms like Google and Facebook. Cyndi chose to adapt to this with an Agendize landing page, and students were able to book appointments for tutoring programs without the awkwardness or hesitance of scheduling in person.


What made things even simpler was Agendize’s ability to segment services according to different kinds of tutors. With confirmation time, date, name and email, students would be notified when they confirmed and a day before their appointment, ensuring that no-shows would be eliminated and that usually disorganized students were able to stay on top of their schedules. Also, with Agendize’s Online Scheduling integrated on Central’s Facebook page, getting help for a specific discipline or course was easier and more accessible to students than ever before!


Many may think that integrating with social media pages is an unnecessary accessory to what serious educational institutions do, but with most students relating to one another through social media, it was an important In a small school, the more personalized service can be, the better. That’s why people attend a college like Central and choose to devote the best years of their lives there instead of somewhere else. With that in mind, Agendize’s customer service and support sought to ensure that Central had all the help it needed it setting up their platform.
“We’re amazed with how much Agendize personalized their service to us. They’ve been supportive and attentive to us, and that helps us be supportive and attentive to our students. They’re solution comes at a reasonable cost, but produces outstanding results,” adds Cyndi, speaking from her office nestled on Central’s picturesque heartland campus. Empowered by Agendize, her office can do what it does best – empower students to get the most out of their education!

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