Online Scheduling gives Banks a new way to engage clients

Online Scheduling gives Banks a new way to engage clients

Online Banking has quickly taken over as consumers’ preferred mode of managing their day-to-day finances. In 2013, a Pew study revealed that 51% of U.S. adults (encompassing 61% of internet users) banked online. 32% of U.S. adults also banked using their mobile phones, a trend that has presumably increased with the spike in mobile internet adoption that has occurred since 2013.


But consumers don’t set the limit of their digital relationships with businesses to interacting online. They increasingly expect digital tools to help facilitate their local and real-world interactions, and Online Scheduling can form the nucleus of any effort to merge the digital and real-world engagements banks have with their customers. According to a Yodle survey, 61% of consumers now either expect or appreciate the ability to book online with their local businesses.


Some banks have already begun to implement Online Scheduling to engage with their customers. In Canada, BMO group implementing an in-house scheduling solution that, by the end of 2013, was accruing nearly 3,300 appointments per month. However, the cost of building an in-house solution can be punitive, while Online Scheduling often requires specific, expertise-based problem solving to establish a durable solution that is invulnerable to abuse. For banks of any size, a sophisticated, durable, properly licensed scheduling software should be a priority in building their relationships with customers and driving more engagements. Check out this demo website to see more about how banks can engage their customers.


Let New Engagement Technology modernize your operations


People take their money seriously, and even more serious is the proliferation of digital solutions for businesses to engage their customers 24/7/365. Offering clients flexibility and the ability to reach out online is crucial to maintaining a sense of attention, reflexivity and focus on the services that people need.


With Online Scheduling, banks can offer their customers another layer of security. Personalized appointments and communications that come along with this sophisticated but easy-to-implement software are essential to creating an environment of trust and confidence around banks in the 21st century.


Give your customers more confidence in their financial appointments


Customers need this confidence and control when managing their financial future. Whether they’re new clients who will ultimately become loyal sources of revenue, or consistent customers who want to know that their convenience is taken seriously, Online Scheduling can provide the open, seamless experience customers are looking for when managing the services they need.



  • 24/7 bookings with real-time availabilities


With Online Scheduling, up to 40% of appointments are booked outside of working hours. While occupied during their busy work day, clients with firm financial futures are likely unable to dedicate the time and thought required to consider the financial services they need. Whether it’s a meeting on credit and mortgages or simply a large transfer of funds, clients need the convenience to schedule their appointments on their own terms, and do so with availabilities that are automatically updated based on existing bookings and advisor schedules.



  • Automated notifications and reminders to reduce no-shows


To ensure that bank advisors get the most of their time, Online Scheduling can also reduce no-shows by as much as 80%. This comes through automated notifications and reminders that warn clients of changes in their appointments, while also reminding them of their appointments in the days and hours leading up to them. Notifications and reminders are also customizable, bringing consistency with a bank’s branding and design, adding value towards clients’ service and satisfaction. In general, automated notifications and reminders enhance a client’s experience, giving them peace-of-mind and almost making them feel as if they’re being personally chaperoned through their appointment process – all without any extra work on a bank’s part!


The features of Online Scheduling are there to improve a client’s experience, but the capabilities of the software have incredible knock-on effects and integrative capabilities with what a bank may already be doing internally to increase its efficiency.


Increase your advisors’ efficiency while managing new offers


In understanding the efficiency benefits of Online Scheduling and how they integrate with what a client experiences, it’s important to consider the automations that come with a software platform. These sets of capabilities, considered together, free up staff effort to build more sophisticated client relationships, while also focusing on providing the very best quality of service possible.



  • Time-savings of up to 75%


With all the various efficiency benefits and automations that come through online scheduling, most users report savings of up to 75% on time previously spent booking appointments, managing changes, comparing schedules and calling to update or remind clients. An integrated mobile app means that these time-savings are always at a manager’s fingertips, while mobile notifications make sure that they can stay up to date with appointments from anywhere. What’s more, in the absence of these tedious tasks, appointment quality and preparation improves, while support staff is free to take on more sophisticated tasks that attract additional clients.  



  • Eliminate double-bookings and enhance scheduling flexibility


With Online Scheduling, the convenience of booking anytime can be enhanced by synchronizing software with your advisors’ personal online calendars. This allows occupied appointments to be blocked off from availabilities, while also applying the same principle for items in a staff member’s personal schedule. Adding to the personalized booking and vacation hours possible within an Online Scheduling platform, these synchronizations means an employee never has to worry about double bookings again. Not only do they have enhanced flexibility, but they never have to manually record an appointment again, meaning there’s no room for worry or error!



  • Reach customers with scheduling across every digital touchpoint


Online Scheduling makes engagement easier for businesses because it also unifies one engagement across every digital consumer touchpoint. These can include portals with native apps and client accounts, landing pages, mobile sites, Facebook pages, employee email signatures and email campaigns, as well as internal touch points like call centres, appointment bookers, and advisors, managers and receptionists at local branches.



  • Fit scheduling into large corporate structures with ease


Online Scheduling can also offer the flexibility to fit large corporate structures, with different dashboards and accounts tailored to particular user responsibilities and experiences. Multi-site support also ensures organizational coherence, simplifying workflow between everyone from admins, operators and frontline staff while ensuring maximal continuity as scheduling’s role develops further.



  • Leverage booking interface customization and advanced APIs


Whether for niche bookings or scaled deployments of Online Scheduling, any business can gain access to advanced customization and automation through APIs specially designed to meet the needs of any sized business. Feature rich scheduling means you can incorporate CSS styling, custom information collection, multi-lingual support, editable texts and more to reach every need your customers have.



  • A Native CRM and 3rd-party integrations


With Online Scheduling, every interaction and appointment can be tracked in a native CRM. Automatically generated customer profiles permit a bank to record every in-depth detail about their clients and maintain a consistent profile that assures continuity within an organization. For banks that already use a CRM like Salesforce or Zoho, Online Scheduling can assure continuity in tracking client interactions while adding the value of booking appointments digitally and the intelligence it brings.



  • Email remarketing to enhance customer loyalty


Online Scheduling can incorporate customizable email templates to send clients automated, personalized marketing messages. This is perfect when there might be a specific offer that can entice clients of a certain profile, or when you want to inform clients of a new financial product at your location. Whether it’s credit pre-approvals, new investment opportunities, specialized loan offers or more, email remarketing can help a bank enhance sales and win over even more loyalty from their already loyal customers.



  • Mobile apps to manage your employees


A bank branch can be a busy place, and though business hours are constrained, demand may constantly emerge managing advisors and personalizing your attention to clients. Online Scheduling enables the use of Mobile apps through Android and iOS that simplify the process of managing your branch, wherever you may be. Mobility empowers managers with the peace-of-mind to know that their financial advisors, planners and consultants are never out of reach, and they can address issues as they come up without the concern of being unable to handle a client situation properly.



  • Applying analytics to better understand performance


When bogged down in the details of each client’s needs and goals, it can be difficult to gain perspective on the general performance of your bank. How many appointments are you taking? How many clients are you serving? What can you understand the value of each of these appointments and relationships to be? With Online Scheduling, you have a foundational window into the performance of your bank, gathering statistics automatically on what your staff is accomplishing and, when applying customizable internal figures, what the best strategy is going forward.


Financial experts pride themselves on analytical understanding of facts and figures. While the direct benefits offer plain advantages in terms of bank performance, client engagement and time-saving, the implicit benefits are what give banks new possibilities for how they manage themselves in the future.
While banking is a competitive sector, it has been slow to adopt the most advanced integrations tools like Online Scheduling can offer. With the software at its side, a bank can curate client relationships with a distinctly better level of intimacy and attention, reducing the barriers to appointments and then being able to focus on what truly drives clients and their future growth.

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