Create Loyalty through Customer Satisfaction with Online Scheduling (3/4)

Create Loyalty through Customer Satisfaction with Online Scheduling (3/4)

As we’ve already discussed in previous blog posts and in StreetFightMag, implementing online scheduling and tailoring it as a customer experience can be crucial in getting the most out of it, however a sufficiently customizable tool is not limited to crucial functions and fancy designs. The right Online Scheduling solution can offer you added tools to get the most out of each appointment with that improve customer retention, drive feedback, and create new sales from dependable customers!


  1. Customer Retention – The ease and convenience of online scheduling makes customers more likely to stay with a business, and a quality process can be a joy for returning customers. However, to get the most out of online scheduling, its ease should be taken advantage of by prompting existing customers to return for more appointments. When a scheduling solution is integrated with a CRM, appointments and client information can be automatically tracked. By leveraging these insights into client habits, behaviours and preferences, as well as centralizing contact information, customers can be targeted with special offers and prompted to fulfill them through a scheduling solution. Tracking can also enable businesses to favour loyal customers and marginalize those who are habitual no-shows or might otherwise be costing more business than they generate. Automatic notifications can also be enabled for specified customers after a certain amount of time has passed since their last appointment, unintrusively prompting them to follow through by booking online – this could apply to any regular service – a haircut, a doctor’s checkup, a workout with a trainer or something else that might too often slip our minds. With this integrated, Online Scheduling can lead to high customer retention and, at times, completely automated sales!
  2. Feedback – Automatically asking for feedback can be crucial to getting the most out of online scheduling. As with reminders, notifications or special email offers, prompting customers for feedback after their appointment is completed not only generates another interaction that builds rapport with a business, but also gives businesses crucial insight into what customers are thinking and how to adapt to it. Online Scheduling makes this opportunity possible, and it would be hard to get unintrusive, real-time feedback without including this feature – what else would be sufficiently aware of when appointments are complete or the right time to request feedback? Automated feedback also encourages users to continually interact with a business online, buffering the habit customers develop to book appointments online.
  3. Email marketing – As an online scheduling solution with an integrated CRM collects information, email marketing can present a crucial opportunity to get the most out of Online Scheduling. Most businesses turn to some form of email marketing as their primary means of promoting online, but they are often through basic mailing lists with dead addresses or customers who have lost touch or moved away. Most email campaigns also lack personalization, and are done all-at-once, failing to capitalize on the opportunities presented by group or individual behaviours and schedules. While online scheduling offers customers a window into your schedule, the appointments they book and the information they leave continually provide you with insight into what they want and when they want it, meaning you can personalize your email marketing, whether business is slow, you’re adding a new service, or you have some big news to share!


Above all, online scheduling is about building connections. The time you and your clients share with one another is valuable, so why not get the most out of it? There isn’t a business on Earth that doesn’t want to hear back from its customers and improve, not only so it can retain their business and generate new sales, but because those relationships are how we identify with our community. Ultimately, Online Scheduling can help you find that identity and push it forward, and a well-designed solution is crucial to a small business executing that in the best way possible!

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