Online Scheduling Apps Can Offer Full CRM to Business

Online Scheduling Apps Can Offer Full CRM to Business

After surveying 500 U.S.-based companies in May of 2015, an Agendize-GetData survey found that 56.3% of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) use online calendars to books appointments, while 24.2% schedule over the phone and 8.8% still use pen and paper. Only 10.8% used Online Scheduling to automate their appointment booking process, and it’s unknown how many fewer yet used an appointment booking app to manage their schedule and update their clients and staff in real time.


Incorporating Online Scheduling with mobile capability is crucial for businesses to take advantage of the timely nature of appointment booking. Being able to respond to customers, contact them and manage their feedback at a tap is crucial for on-the-go entrepreneurs or anybody managing a business that values prompt and thoughtful customer service. What’s more, engaging an Online Scheduling solution with mobile capability means that the convenience of such software will not be limited by a platform, but always be present at the leisure of its user, maximizing its effectiveness and results.


Listing Clients and Managing Appointments


Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – or so the maxim goes, but while it’s popular in sports, it can be crucial for how Small Businesses serve and meet the personalized needs of their customers. Fully 96% of consumers believe Small Businesses are best at personalizing their services, and that advantage can be better played up if SMBs are always kept accountable and aware of their clients needs, profile, and the types of services they want.


With that in mind, app-makers should enable businesses with Online Scheduling to list their clients, maintain their contact information and other crucial facts that assure the best and most attentive service possible (whether it be allergies, chronic conditions, or personal preferences, your customers are likely to tell you what they really want)! Being able to accept, manage and reschedule appointments from a mobile device is also crucial to ensuring that you offer your clients the right services at the right time, and for entrepreneurs on the road, it can be the difference between maintaining a client and having to find a new one.


Call and Text at a Tap


There’s no business owner that doesn’t keep the contact information of their most valued clients, but making contact information and record keeping more efficient is one of the primary challenges faced by every small business, and an opportunity for them to improve. In this age of social media, instant responses and potentially negative online reviews, it’s critical that Online Scheduling apps collect the most and best possible information on a business’ clients and make it accessible at all times.


With that in mind, the appropriate Online Scheduling apps should enable business owners to call and text their clients with in a tap from viewing their appointments or their contact information. Fully 80.5% of US Small Business Owners (SBOs) are using their mobile devices daily for business, and 55.5% of those SBOs are using their mobile devices to schedule appointments and communicate with customers – being in constant contact is already part of Small Business behaviour, shouldn’t any Online Scheduling app allow businesses to do that better?


Manage Targeted Email Campaigns


In addition to the ability to stay in contact with existing customers, online scheduling apps need to take advantage of the crucial information they collect on website visitors, appointment cancellations, regular customers who haven’t visited in a while, and others who express interest in particular offers or services. These clients are a goldmine for small business because they already possess an interest in their goods and services, but often need to be prompted or drawn in booking with a business and becoming a source of new revenue. Why target a bird in the bush when you’ve got two in hand?


By appropriately tagging customers, as well as tracking previous appointments or visits, an online scheduling app can enable businesses to target customers with special offers through unobtrusive emails, or simply be there to remind them to visit again or keep in touch. Being able to manage these interactions from a mobile device is particularly crucial, as many entrepreneurs and service-providers are on-the-go, jumping from place to place, and must be able to act fast when they are reminded of a particular customer or service. With limited time available in their schedules, being able to drive these interactions at a tap can be crucial to generating new business (without losing one’s mind)!


Automate Notifications and Manage Feedback


Those busy business owners should be the first demographic in mind for the creators of Online Scheduling apps, and with that principle set forward one of the most important things said apps can do is automate appointment notifications for customers, and subsequently prompt and manage feedback following those same appointments. Not only does the right online scheduling app cut out tedium of customers calling, visiting and comparing schedules to book an appointment, but it should also eliminate the costly process of calling and constantly reminding customers of upcoming appointments.


What’s more, getting feedback is crucial for any business to improve, but often customers may be shy, rushed or unwilling to share even the slightest piece of constructive criticism in person. Prompting customers with automated feedback following appointments can be crucial to building a habit of improvement and excellence, and offers crucial information to retaining customers even if they don’t respond after every appointment.

On a fundamental level, small businesses want to take care of their clients. They are often their family, friends, and former colleagues, so it’s essential that online scheduling apps conform to the ways people already communicate through mobile devices – by texting, calling, and emailing with ease – while also adding critical efficiencies that can drive consistent sales while saving small business owners stress (and more than a few grey hairs)!

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