Online Appointment Scheduling: Game Changer for Healthcare Providers

Online Appointment Scheduling: Game Changer for Healthcare Providers

We always say that online engagement tools such as Online Scheduling are tailored towards SMBs, retailers, and other companies for business purposes. However, if we read in between the lines and try to understand the different uses for such a technology, we find other answers…

A recent Accenture (NYSE:ACN) survey, uncovered that 3.5 million US citizens a year are expected to turn 65 years-old through 2023. At the same time, the number of tech-savvy seniors is growing (57%).  Today, 62% of the seniors surveyed want access to self-serve tools like Online Appointment Scheduling Software when interacting with healthcare institutions but only 1/3 of Healthcare providers are offering such a digital interface to their patients.

Lets put ourselves in the shoes of a Medical Center, a Hospital, a dentist, a surgeon, a doctor or any healthcare provider and imagine implementing an Online Appointment Scheduling tool on their website. What would change in their everyday practices or in their patients’ lives?

  • Automated patient database: with a complete profile and contact information (phone, email, etc…). No need to lose time asking your patient standard information. You already have it!
  • Mobile optimized: This enables you to access your client database and to manage bookings anywhere, anytime!
  • Online Booking availability: Patients can book an appointment with a doctor whenever they want. It makes it easier to contact Medical institutions and lowers the risk of patients of taking months before taking an appointment because they have no time to call their doctor. Patients are able to schedule an appointment even when their Healthcare provider is closed.
  • More bookings for healthcare professionals: Booking online enables patients to choose an appointment at a time that is most convenient for themselves and their healthcare provider and this enable doctors to provide treatments to more patients.
  • Reduces time spent with voice mail: Healthcare providers can say goodbye to their never-ending voice mail left by patients who want an appointment.  They save-time by having their schedules automatically organized and are no longer forced to listen to endless voice mails after work, and then worrying about follow-up calls and coordinating patients’ busy schedules.
  • Patient no-show risk is lowered: Thanks to Automatic SMS or email reminders.

There are significant benefits to both patients, who can easily contact their Healthcare providers, and professionals, who save-time and money by being bookable 24/7 .

Feel free to share more ideas of benefits that you can think of based on your experience or contact us if you want more information on online scheduling.

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