New Platform API Methods: Live Chat and Online Scheduling

New Platform API Methods: Live Chat and Online Scheduling

Lately we’ve been writing a lot about new platform features and ways to use Agendize, but we haven’t been showing as much blog love to our developer community. That doesn’t mean aren’t still making lots of improvements behind the scenes.

I’m happy to announce today several improvements to our Platform API. You’ve been using the Platform API to create and modify your Agendize buttons, but a couple of important button types were missing. As of today, we’ve added Live Chat and Online Scheduling methods, so you can easily create and modify both types of buttons like you’ve been doing with all of the others. I hope these methods give you some additional flexibility in designing your own applications and services, adding more engagement opportunities to your online projects.

Dozens of Agendize developers and  partners are creating amazing services using our platform. Feel free to explore our developers page to discover the many ways your business can benefit from Agendize. We thank you for helping us improve our platform and welcome your comments and feedback below.

– Christophe Berge
Chief Architect & Co-Founder

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