New Partnership Watch: Agendize signs German Yellowpage leaders!

New Partnership Watch: Agendize signs German Yellowpage leaders!

The Agendize team is proud to announce its partnership with Sellwerk and Heise RegioConcept, leading suppliers of directory and digital marketing solutions for German SMBs, initiating the launch of amazing new Online Scheduling initiatives across Germany.

Ansgar Heise, CEO of Heise RegioConcept, puts it this way: “The sustainability and adaptability of Agendize made the difference. Their online booking solution is a proven conversion app, and we are proud to offer our customers. They will be delighted to discover that millions of monthly visitors will book their services online. “

Heise Ansgar (© Heise)

Heise Ansgar (© Heise)


Offering both free and paid services

The agreement recently signed between Agendize, Heise RegioConcept and Sellwerk give German consumers the best chance yet to book appointments online with their local small businesses. Two products developed through this unique partnership will spread further success to local businesses using Agendize’s leading digital engagement applications.

The first product, “Light Calendar” will be a freemium service that allows business leaders to offer online booking to customers. Specifically, they will be able to synchronize their personal calendars to their online bookings, as well as manage their bookings free of charge. The second product, “Profi Calendar”, is a more complete paid service that will enable further integration of Agendize’s Contact Management CRM, further giving businesses and their automated appointment notifications and reminders as well as advanced Email and SMS marketing capabilities.

Agendize’s leadership in white-labelled appointment booking

Agendize’s reseller program allows publishers, web designers, web developers and agencies of all sizes to provide white-labelled online booking solutions and a range of other tools to improve each customer interaction. They thus improve their customer relationships without compromising their brand. Heise and Sellwerk have already expressed the wish to apply this formula to the German online directories, and, and this new partnership allows that to be accomplished with maximum efficiency.


Alexandre Rambaud, founder and CEO of Agendize, puts it this way: “Agendize provides customer engagement solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our partnership with Heise RegioConcept and Sellwerk means that more German companies will have access to the customer engagement tools they need to compete. We are proud to begin a partnership that has both global reach and local impact, and allowing German businesses to be the prime actors in their own success. “

Alexandre Rambaud (©Agendize)

Conquering Europe, One Engagement at a Time

Agendize develops a flexible solution and a wide range of APIs to tackle the issues of brands worldwide. The objective: To convince them of the relevance of its solutions, whatever the local market.

The impact was not lost on Michael Oschmann, CEO of Sellwerk, saying “We enjoyed the variety of APIs Agendize, the ability to customize the interface and produce a German version for our customers. Agendize have as partner shall have a real added value. ”
Michael OschmannMichael Oschmann (©Sellwerk)

Quick Facts – The players in this partnership:

Heise RegioConcept

Heise RegioConcept provides local marketing services to small and medium business. Its product range extends from the creation of homepages, applications, videos, professional Facebook pages and SEO for Google. It also includes the booking of advertising space in telephone directories like Das Telefonbuch and Das Örtliche, as well as web and printed residential directories.


Sellwerk provides complete marketing solutions for small and local businesses: directory advertising (mobile, web and print through Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche and Gelbe Seiten), SEO, websites and production of video marketing material. Sellwerk offer a bespoke service to help clients boost their sales and get new customers.

The company belongs to Müller Medien group, organized in five business divisions: “New Business”, “Print Media,” “Broadcast”, “Book” and “Directories”. Müller Medien companies are specialized in their implementation of projects or commercial communication (online reputation, prospecting, CRM), and as such represent a unique partner with branding requirements particularly suited to Agendize’s white-labelling capabilities.

Which continent is next? Find out soon!


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