Agendize opens two new offices in Mexico and Belgium.

Agendize opens two new offices in Mexico and Belgium.

Agendize, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions for online businesses, and already established in Montreal, New York and Troyes, France, continues its international expansion by opening two additional offices in Mexico City and Brussels.

An international business strategy.

Already long-established in North America, Agendize has been expanding into new territories through becoming a leading solutions provider in the Latin American and European markets.

E-commerce in Mexico has increased significantly in 2012, reaching between $4.6 and $4.9 billion (U.S.) – source. As for Europe, it is the largest e-commerce market in the world with an annual turnover of 300 billion euros – source.

A natural extension to both burgeoning and established markets is the ability to offer interactive services to online consumers such as Live Chat, Click-to-Call and online scheduling; the prospect of which represents an opportunity to increase Agendize’s market share across several international markets.

Erwan Douarinou

Laura VancompernolleBy opening two new offices, led by Laura Vancompernolle in Mexico and Erwan Douarinou in Brussels, respectively, Agendize strengthens its position as a global leader in cloud / SaaS –based services and has built its business around delivering best of breed solutions, coupled with strong partnership relations throughout its customer base of: Resellers, Digital Marketing Agencies, Hosting Companies, Telco’s and Website builders.

About Agendize

Founded in 2003, Agendize offers a suite of private-labeled, interactive, applications that boost engagement between online businesses and their customers. These include Online Appointment Scheduling, Click-to-Call and Live Chat. The flexibility of Agendize solutions and its dedicated customer support team help connect more than 55,000 companies, in 20 countries, to their customers.

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