Mono Solutions helps build better businesses with Agendize

Mono Solutions helps build better businesses with Agendize

Web Agencies never cut corners in building out the best product for their customers, but too often they are left reinventing the wheel when simply partnering with the right developers would do. In improving their services and their overall business, Mono Solutions is one website builder which seeks to find the right partners to better serve its own small business customers.


Motivated to help SMBs

“We maintain a focus on delivering the best technology to SMB websites, while partnering with the best digital services for website fufillment, SEM, SEO, call tracking, and a host of other add-ons,” says Louise Lachmann, Co-founder and CEO at the Copenhagen-based firm, “This is why we have chosen a partner like Agendize – they provide seamless, white-label solutions in Online Scheduling that can work wonders with our own platform.”


In the same way that most small businesses build their websites to better serve their customers, Mono wants to provide the best means for small businesses to build those websites. In the grander scheme, Agendize seemed to be the perfect fit because of its same service-oriented focus. “We chose Agendize because its white-labeled Online Scheduling can integrate seamlessly with websites built with our platform,” adds Svenn Andersen, Product Director at Mono Solutions, “Their ability to contribute to responsive websites in particular will be crucial to our own customers, as mobile is doing more and more to drive growth in local business.”


Going Global for Mobile
Mobile is a particular focus of both Mono Solutions and Agendize in better helping Small Businesses serve their customers. As Louise elaborates, “For many Small Businesses, online scheduling is essential in meeting their customers demand for more digital technology. However, doing that without sufficient mobile capability would be a waste of energy, as more customers defer to mobile to do business locally,” with relief, she continues, “Fortunately, Agendize understands the priority that must be placed on mobile design, and with them we feel confident in providing small businesses with everything their customers will demand – for now, and far in the future.”

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