Mexican Yellowpages boosts traffic with Agendize!

Mexican Yellowpages boosts traffic with Agendize!

Many wonder how Yellowpages-type indexing service stay relevant in a 21st century where not only do people eschew large paper books, but everything is accessible at the thought of a web search. For Seccion Amarilla, the leading Yellowpages provider out of Mexico City, the answer lay in embracing the new use of technology among consumers, incorporating the right tools to drive more traffic and interest in local business – at least that’s what Miguel Angel Vives Garcia believed, Director of Internet & Mobile initiatives at Seccion Amarilla.


A Cutting Edge for Advertisers”

We started using Agendize in 2011, based on the idea that we could generate more traffic to our websites and business directories while also generating more leads for our 180,000 advertisers,” says Miguel, ever-excited by innovative technology, “Thanks to Agendize’s engagement apps, we have generated the millions of interactions our small and local businesses were looking for.”


Beyond technology, Agendize’s outstanding support also served to set up Seccion Amarilla for success. A customer success team dedicated to marketing coaching, international and multilingual support, and guiding Seccion Amarilla through every part of implementation and sales to get the most out of Agendize’s tools. “With Agendize’s dedicated support team, they’ve also made sure we get the most out of our platform every day,” adds Miguel, “Their customer service representatives are both responsive and proactive in sharing a wide range of advice for their digital apps – all of which contributed to the millions of interactions we generated, and our ability to multiply calls generated by 5 in the last 3 years along.”


Focused on Continual Improvement

Part of the success Seccion Amarilla has experienced in using Agendize’s Click-to-Call, Live Chat, Save & Share, Comment & Review and Call Tracking tools lies in the completeness of Agendize’s platform. “Our customers are busy and appreciate simplicity. With all of Agendize’s tools consolidated under one easy-to-use platform, it’s simple for businesses to set up and navigate the right tools or interface for them.” To add to that completeness, Seccion Amarilla will also soon be including Agendize’s Online Scheduling, a tool that has had tremendous success with other agencies and provides another touchstone of customer engagement, particularly for service-based SMBs.


Ever-focused on providing their small businesses with the right support and intelligence, Miguel was also impressed with Agendize’s attentiveness to Seccion Amarilla’s use of the platform. “Agendize incorporates analytics to track our small business activity, showing them which apps can important in helping them generate more leads. Agendize’s analytics and marketing coach also deliver quarterly and yearly reports that evaluate how many interactions their apps are generating.” Call Tracking in particular has been successful for Seccion Amarilla’s print directory, and in the coming months they plan to deploy over 2000 additional Call Tracking numbers on their digital products, permitting their SMB customers to get even more feedback on which advertising initiatives convert and generate the most leads, and further proving their value to their customers in competitive times.


Technology for the Long Term

This panoply of services and tools would be difficult to manage for any other company, but Agendize has made it easy for Seccion Amarilla to implement and then expand the variety solutions necessary Agendize’s flexibility, responsiveness and support also won Miguel’s praises, showing the strength of the partnership the two companies have built. “Agendize’s advanced APIs mean we have no problem fully integrating their apps into our different portal, in addition to branding their widgets’ design with ease, we were also able to integrate their apps across multiple platforms – even on Samsung Smart TVs. With Agendize as a partner, we know we’re in good hands for a long time to come.”

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