Some people talk about Agendize


We build the product

Product Director

"In order to develop a high-performance, market-oriented product, my team and I are analyzing customer feedback and participating in user groups to power our roadmap."


UX Designer

"I best meet the expectations of the user by offering the best experience possible. We work on many professional categories which makes my daily research rewarding and full of learning."


Scrum Master

"I make sure sprint-related product development keeps pace and the team has all the keys to getting the best out of their stories. In general, my goal is to get the job done with quality to make the work of the developer team easier."


Web Developer

"At Agendize, every day is an opportunity to deepen my knowledge while enhancing my career. I remain humble and try to be helpful to my colleagues and my company."


Senior developer

"My mission is to provide and develop desired features on our platform to provide the customer with a simple product that will perfectly fit their idea in the long run."


VP of Engineering & IT

"I have been coding at Agendize since its creation in 2003. Today, I bring technical answers and I manage the team of developers, DevOps, QA analysts to improve our product. My greatest joy is to meet new challenges every day."



We sell the product

Key Accounts Manager

"I am happy to get up in the morning to work at Agendize. We work in a dynamic, growing business. A company that dares, acts and shares without fear of failure.

Let us be proud, be humble, be useful, have fun, be represented every day through professional teams (technical, marketing, sales) who work together in the same direction."


Key Accounts Manager

"I chose Agendize to meet a new commercial challenge within a team driven by values that unites us daily to the satisfaction of our customers. The quality of life offered by the city of Troyes, France was also a determining factor in my choice to join Agendize. Passionate about digital for many years, it is in a stimulating context in which I invest myself with my team to accompany it at the highest level! The Scale-Up spirit, innovative solutions and the international dimension is the trifecta to develop a career at Agendize."


Director of Strategic Accounts

"Our customers and resellers are our best ambassadors. That's why our Partner Program supports them at all stages: from the implementation of the solution to the marketing and commercial strategy, as well as the integration work with their other platforms."



We give the smile to customers

Director of Projects

"My interest and motivation is mainly due to the fact that my position is at the crossroads of the company: I help the sales team in their sales process to provide technical support and secure prospects. My role is also to help new customers integrate our solution and use 100% of its capabilities. Finally, I participate in representing our clients internally to ensure the feasibility of their evolution requests."



We make the salespeople happy

Digital Marketer

"With Agendize, I discovered another facet of digital B2B. It has become a playground with enormous marketing potential. Everyone is a specialist in their field which creates a fabulous creative emulsion."


Director of Marketing

"Valuing the success stories of our clients through testimonials, developing our relationships with professional associations helps us to better understand our customers and the market. At Agendize, the relationship with our customers and partners is an integral part of a great experience."



We are at the service of our employees

Director of Administration and Finance

"Agendize is a great adventure. A company in perpetual evolution that allowed me to use my skills in management control and develop new skills in finance, Anglo-Saxon accounting or even human resources. I appreciate my collaboration with the teams and the state of mind of the company, combining friendliness, professionalism and kindness. Agendize constantly encourages us to surpass ourselves, which strengthens the bonds but also the feeling of belonging to society."


Founder & President

"I am proud of the men and women who make up our company. They are the ones who make it alive, who bring their creativity, their perseverance, their energy, their patience to create a community where life is good and meet every day to carry out our mission. Our community brings together people from all walks of life, from any culture, who are looking for a balance between work and family life."


We are located all over the world!

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