Meet Reptiletech – a digital agency’s take on interaction tools.

Meet Reptiletech – a digital agency’s take on interaction tools.

Reptiletech  is an agency, founded in 2001, specializing in interactive websites and multiplatform solutions. For over 12 years, they have offered web services revolving around creative, technology and marketing solutions for companies in Montréal and abroad. They are known to be creative, geeky, and most of all, super nice people! This is why we really wanted to meet them and get their expert opinion on digital marketing and their vision for the future of this rapidly evolving industry. Jonathan Laberge, Business Developer at Reptiletech, kindly agreed to answer our questions to help us (and you!) better understand the very tight link between traffic, engagement and conversion.

What is your strategic positioning in the market?

Reptiletech teamWe have a very strict process in place to engage our staff. We also ensure that candidates “fit” to our business philosophy. We are lucky to have a well-stocked portfolio and we’ve worked with really fantastic clients. The reason why these customers do business with us and have continued the business relationship over the long term is thanks to our outstanding customer service. Working with us is always easy and pleasant. We really love our customers and it shows. As mentioned earlier, we’re nice people!


What are your main services?

We provide strategy, design, integration and web programming. If you need a website, we can help you from A to Z and meet any requirements you might have. From the initial concept to the final search engine optimization and everything in between – we can assist with it all from design to integration to programming. We also offer strategies for social networks. Unlike many marketing agencies which began in print and who migrated to the web, we started with the web and now also offer design services for print. We have also helped several businesses develop their branding.

Who are your main customers?

We deal with a wide range of clients in various sectors. We direct our efforts towards medium and large businesses. Companies such as IGA, Uniprix, Power Corporation, Ultramar, Boni-Soir and Acquisio are part of our large customer base. I invite you to visit our portfolio to see our range of clients and the products we offer.

Which industries do your clients belong to?

Quote from Reptiletech

We have worked in many different industries, both B2C and B2B. It is difficult to pinpoint a particular industry since we have helped many different companies in many different industries.

What are the challenges you face when it comes to meeting your customer’s requirements?

It is truly important to clearly define the client’s needs so that they are effectively answered in the production of their site. Obviously, in our point of view, a website should not be considered as an expense but rather as an investment. The objective is to convert visitors into potential customers and facilitate the process of conversion. It is also for this reason that we offer a number of support plans for our clients. These plans include services that look at the numbers of visits and other statistics relating to your site to help you make decisions based on real data. So you can optimize your site for the long-term to reach an optimal conversion rate!

Have you already implemented engagement tools? If not, what has held you back?

Quote 2 reptiletech

We have always built our solutions “on demand”. With that said a tool that is effective at improving the conversion process is always an option we consider. The goal is always to reduce the customer’s investment and maximize profitability.

We built an email marketing tool that is used by large customers such as IGA to follow up with their customers. We are also in beta testing for the second version of the tool to be released very soon. It has a multitude of analytical abilities and engagement options that make it an effective tool to keep in contact with customers.

We have also used some tools for marketing contests, which allowed us to expand the customer base and leads for some of our customers.

What are the main types of clients who could benefit from engagement tools?

In fact, almost all clients have the inclination to use this kind of tool, unless they have a website that is purely informative in nature. The purpose of having an online presence is to have visitors take action, whatever that action might be (buy, drive in-store traffic, contact you, create content for your website, etc.). So, having engagement tools on your website is an effective way to get users to convert and fulfill your goals.

What are the immediate benefits to your customers, in your opinion, for using interactive tools such as Live Chat, Click-to-Call or online appointment tools?


These tools create a direct and effective link with the customer. The communication is easy and allows visitors to get the information they need quickly. People do not read on the internet, and in most cases opt for the fastest way to get the information they are looking for.

Moreover, if the process for booking an appointment is facilitated, we’ve just limited an element of friction. Same goes for a call. A simple click gets everything done; perfect for busy people who lack time!

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