Meet eBridge Marketing Solutions – a digital agency’s take on interaction tools

Meet eBridge Marketing Solutions – a digital agency’s take on interaction tools

When we talk marketing these days, a lot of what we’re talking about revolves around the internet and the web strategies you can use to promote your product or service and communicate effectively with your customers. In this interview, we meet eBridge Marketing Solutions, an agency that specializes in online marketing, and learn a little more about how they work in this rapidly evolving, ever changing industry.

Can you briefly introduce your agency ?

ebridge screenshot digital agency

eBridge Marketing Solutions is an internet marketing services agency based in Vancouver, Canada. We work with B2B technology companies, helping them to achieve their online promotion and marketing goals. We opened our doors in 2001 and thanks to our award-winning team of experts we’ve built a strong reputation in the industry for delivering effective strategic online campaigns.

What is your strategic positioning in the market?

We are a full service firm that offers a one-stop shop for technology based businesses that want help marketing themselves online. We cover all aspects of internet promotion and our clients can enjoy managing just one relationship and one point of contact for all their online marketing needs.

What are your main services?

We cover anything that a business would need when it comes to internet marketing. Our main service offerings are online media buying, search engine strategies (including SEO and PPC management), website design and development, copywriting, social media management and channel marketing programs.

What are the challenges your customers face when it comes to meeting their online marketing requirements?

The world of internet marketing is constantly changing and it can be challenging for some of our clients to maintain an online presence that is up to date and delivers what their customers are looking for. Another challenge is the industry that we work in being so highly competitive. It all comes down to finding ways to help our clients define what makes them unique and communicate that through all of our work. With search marketing, and the constant shifts and changes to search algorithms, it’s crucial for clients to stay on top of the latest trends and anticipate what needs to be done to maintain their position. This can all be really overwhelming for businesses, so they look to our expertise to help them stay on top of their game.

What would you say is the hot button for your clients? What do they really need your help with?

Conversion is definitely top of the list. We look at all the ways we can help our clients improve this, whether it’s jazzing up an out-dated website design, revamping tired graphics or improving online forms and other conversion mechanisms, such as content. We look at anything that will stand in the way of a prospect deciding to buy and determine how to best use their online presence to support customer trust and loyalty. We also stress the importance of tracking, coaching and assisting our clients in setting up mechanisms to monitor their activities and their efficacy. Without website analytics and data, you’ll never know what’s working and what’s not.

What kind of challenges do your clients face with customer service? What are your thoughts on the realities of the customer service landscape today?

Online is where it’s at. Of course it’s still important to have excellent offline customer service, but customers these days expect more. They expect to receive assistance via social media. They expect to be able to chat live on a website. They expect to be responded to quickly, whether via email or phone. Businesses can’t just decide what communications channels work best for them. They have to adapt to what their customers demand. Especially if they are working in a highly saturated market. If a competitor has superior customer service and uses tools that make it easier to get in touch, this can spell disaster for a competing business that is not keeping up with the realities of online customer service.

Do your customers use interactive web-based customer service software ?

Online customer service tools are very important to our clients. Click to chat is especially important since they are running ecommerce websites selling products that can at times be quite complex with many technical implications. It’s crucial for customers and prospects to be able to get the help they need as they are doing research and looking at different offerings. Live chat is the perfect way to offer this real time assistance during the decision making process.

Click to call installed on eBridge website

Click to call installed on eBridge website

What do they look for in the tools they choose? What’s important to them?

When it comes to choosing a customer support tool it’s all about easy implementation, strong functionality and white labeling. They need tools that fit in nicely with their existing website’s look and feel. Many of our clients work with customers around the world, so different language functionality can also really help. The tools also have to be very easy for customer service departments to use with data that is simple to digest and accessible. Data is absolutely crucial with interaction tools for tracking conversions and ROI. You need to be able to know whether that live chat session, for example, assisted with making the sale.

Multiple language support? White label? Ease of implementation? What would you rank as the most important characteristic of an engagement tool?

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