Live Chat Makes the Difference in Enterprise Recruiting

Live Chat Makes the Difference in Enterprise Recruiting

Live Chat has always been a great tool to drive customer satisfaction and outstanding E-commerce experiences, so it should come as no surprise that it can be a great tool for recruiters to interact with candidates. What is it about Live Chat that drives great recruiting interactions, compared to the traditional reasons?


Fortunatley, Roxanne Abercrombie at prepared a great post on how Live Chat is overlooked as a recruiting tool, and situations where it’s used to boost employee acquisition efforts. The answer to our question? Essentially, it comes down to how casual Live Chat is.


Built on Consumer Demand


A third of consumers already expect Live Chat to be available when contacting a business, while 44% believe the ability to interact with a Live Chat agent is one of the most important features a website can offer. A further 73% believe that it offers the most satisfaction of any customer service channel.


Consumers and prospective employees are already accustomed to interacting with their friends through web chats and private messaging apps, and texting is already driving phone calls the way of the dinosaur. For recruiters, getting to know potential new team members can easily be achieved through Live Chat, the same way many relationships get started in the digital age!


Chattiness at the Heart


Abercrombie’s article brings up some great cases where Live Chat is being used as a recruiting tool. For instance, those interested in joining Britain’s Royal Navy can have a one-to-one conversation through pop up chat from 8am to 8pm, every day of the week. Essex University and more also enable students and prospectors to chat with advisors in real time. However, it’s not just forward-thinking Brits who are having success recruiting through Live Chat!


Perhaps Abercrombie’s strongest example is PriceWaterhouseCoopers. The internationally renowned consulting firm allows visitors to talk directly online with members of their recruiting team to find out more about their career opportunities. At its heart, though Live Chat is a great tool for E-commerce sales, it also provides a framework for digital versions of the interactions we have in everyday life – something that can be very profitable for any kind and size of business!


Easy Screening is Another Great Engagement


Anyone who works in a B2B environment is accustomed to screening and sales calls – the practice of getting information and establishing connection before directing a representative to the right decision maker. However, consumers and job-seekers are getting more savvy, adopting the same behaviours to limit the access businesses have to them until they are truly ready to commit.


That’s why Live Chat constitutes yet another great digital engagement for businesses – because whoever they want to connect with can interact without being bothered. It allows users to capitalize on more opportunities and achieve more in less time, whether multitasking or otherwise!


Check out Roxanna Abercrombie’s full article here for more of her great insights, and Agendize Live Chat for a great tool to recruit, or simply get more customers online!


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