Live Chat for the Medical Field

Live Chat for the Medical Field

Give Your Patients The Treatment They Deserve

Remember the last time you had a medical question? What did you do?

The medical field can be tricky to get around. Patients find it impossible to have their questions answered without waiting on hold or in line for ages. Calling a medical office or hospital on the phone can be very frustrating.

Chances are, the majority of your patients feel this way. Why contribute to your loyal patient’s sufferance, when you can help them quickly and easily? Show your patients that you’re a doctor or nurse that cares. Give your patients a voice they deserve with Agendize Live Chat.

A Dynamic and Discreet Patient Care Solution

Agendize Live Chat launches a free chat session so patients can easily communicate with medical professionals online. It reaches out to patients seeking a quick response and those who prefer to chat over phone. Other benefits and features include:

  • A private and secure space to discuss symptoms and treatments online
  • Option for patients to email office when closed
  • Prevents unnecessary appointments from being booked
  • All chat data is saved so it can be easily added to patient’s file
  • Create predefined responses triggered by shortcuts to answer FAQs
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