Live Chat. Best Practices.

Live Chat. Best Practices.

Not too long ago, we gave you some industry insights about Live Chat – focused on impact. This time, we share best practices with you: how to configure, install and operate?

How to configure?

logo_proactivechat_fmtActivate proactive invitation.

67% of visitors are receptive to proactive chat invitation. The proactive mode also yields better conversion rates – up to 40% versus 22% for the reactive mode. Also, the proactive mode improves sales: visitors who respond to proactive chat invitations are 8 times more likely to purchase than regular visitors.

logo_transcript_fmtActivate chat transcripts.

Historically, keeping a “paper trail” of the communication was one of the main reasons why visitors preferred email exchanges. This is why we advise that you allow visitors to download a transcript after their chat session.

How to install?

chat-icon-positionOn the top right.

32% of visitors prefer a Chat invitation button on the top right.


Human or female.

A chat button including a human figure is far more likely to be clicked… People also have a preference for a photo of a female.

How to operate?

Number of operators

chat-operator-formulaExpect between 2% and 15% of your visitors to initiate a chat session. An agent should not handle more than 4 or 5 chats at the same time.

So…Take the number of visitors on your site at a given moment, multiply by 5% and divide by 4. That’s the number of operators you need.


Opening hours

84% of visitors consider that operators should be available on week days (extended hours) and on weekends – similarly to shopping hours.


Response time

80% of visitors are satisfied with a waiting time of up to 10 minutes. In fact, 47% of people like doing other things online while waiting.



Operator knowledge

For chat success, the most critical factors are the knowledge and speed of the agent.

The more complex the questions get, the less the operator is expected to be able to answer them.



Expected to answer

Product details
Customer inquiry
Delivery status
Return information






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